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Know Your Audience: How to Sell Products Through Architects

At the risk of sounding reductive, every marketing and sales professional on the planet has the same job: to influence decision making in the direction of their product or service. Most of those brilliant marketing and sales minds would agree … Read More

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How Concora’s Submittal Generator Can Increase Product Selection

The latest improvement to our platform, Concora’s Submittal Generator, can indicate purchase intent, capture valuable project data, and provide a superior user experience for AECs. In this article, we’ll discuss what building product manufacturers need to know about submittals and … Read More

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Why Your BIMObject Downloads Are Falling

We’ve been speaking to many of our customers and prospects over the past several months and one of the questions that is repeatedly brought up is if we have any idea why their BIMObject downloads are going down. Here’s what … Read More

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The #1 Way to Differentiate Products in the Digital Age: A Rebranding Story

I read a story in Lifehacker about a conversation between Jerry Seinfeld and a young comedian, Brad Isaac. Isaac asked Seinfeld backstage if he had any tips for a young comic. Seinfeld told him that the way to be a … Read More

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Twelve Signs Your BIM Strategy is Failing

1. “What in the world is a BIM Strategy?” just came out of your mouth. Don’t fret, you’re not alone. Creating BIM (Building Information Models) used to be a transactional activity – it was a box a manufacturer checked. Market-leading … Read More

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Domestic & International BIM Mandates Increase With The Transformation of The Building Industry

Do you know what the largest industry in the world is? It is the building industry – which is the combination of the architect, engineering, construction, facility management, and building product manufacturer professions. As a whole, this group is larger … Read MoreRead More

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Sustainability Lessons Learned: Marketing Green Building Products to Architects, Engineers, and Contractors

Millions of Marketing dollars poured into the Massachusetts Bay area this past week for Greenbuild 2017 in Boston. Manufacturers present were all charged with the same, singular goal: capture the attention of the AEC Community powering the burgeoning Sustainable Building … Read More

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What Every Manufacturer Should Know About LEED v4.1

You finally caught up to LEED v4.0 – whew!  You might have updated product sustainability info on your website, maybe even have some EPDs or Declare labels available for download, and now the requirements are evolving again. Recently LEED v4.1 … Read MoreRead More

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Best Booths at AIA 2020

The sea of Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Sustainability and Manufacturing professionals who flooded the Javits Center in New York City for AIA ’18 was incredible — a lot is changing in our industry, and you could feel the buzz in the … Read More

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A “Single Source of Truth” for Building Product BIM Objects Increases Productivity

By Doug Bevill Prior to my role as President of BIMobject, I spent 12 years in the seat where many of my readers are: I was an executive for major building product manufacturers (BPM). I know the challenges you face. … Read More

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