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By giving specifiers what they want, you are making it easier to choose to do business with your building product manufacturing company.

What Specifiers Want: Product Listings That Make Life Easier

Specifiers are the gatekeepers. If you want to get your building product into a project, you have to go through them. Winning over specifiers is the key to making the sale. The good news is that it’s not an impossible … Read More

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Candace from Concora and Beth from Venveo talk digital marketing for building product manufacturers.

Webinar Recap: What Manufacturers Can Learn From Amazon

Did you miss our webinar 3 Digital Marketing Tactics to Reach More Architects last week? One of the biggest challenges in the building product manufacturing industry today is what to do about marketing. As many companies are looking to expand … Read More

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AEP Span forms strategic partnership with Concora to supercharge corporate website.

How AEP Span is Helping Architects and Contractors Get What They Need

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: WEST SACRAMENTO AND ALPHARETTA, CA AND GA, USA, February 23, 2022/ — Concora, developer of the commercial building products industry’s only digital experience platform designed specifically for commercial building product manufacturers, and AEP Span — a premier … Read More

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Building material manufacturers should lean more heavily on video to help tell their product stories. Videos are an easy way to relay a lot of information quickly.

Why Building Material Manufacturers Need More Videos

Are you a building material manufacturer whose website is heavy on text with little or no video? It’s time to acknowledge that attention spans are short and add video to your website. It will translate into more educated and engaged … Read More

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Your building materials website should make an architect’s life easier, not harder. Make it easy to navigate, provide good technical data and photos and make sure your contact page offers plenty of contact options.

How to Make Your Building Materials Website Architect-Friendly

For building product manufacturers, an architect-friendly website is a must. It sounds obvious, but is your building materials website appealing to these critical clients? Here’s how to know. Your building materials website should: Be easy to navigate. Be organized and … Read More

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Building contractors will be loyal to a brand if it’s consistent. Building material branding covers everything from company values to the quality of a product.

Want Building Contractors to Love Your Brand? Be Consistent

Whether you sell building materials or perfume, brand recognition is fundamental to your company’s success. Your branding is the first thing a building contractor will experience. So if you want contractors to love your brand, keep your branding consistent. What … Read More

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The key to marketing building products is to combine your product expertise with smart technology and a willingness to meet your audience where they are.

7 Tips for Marketing Building Products Successfully

If you’re a manufacturer, you may think marketing building products is out of your league. But here’s why it’s not: You’re an expert — at least when it comes to your products. The keys to successful marketing are knowing your … Read More

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Don't let lagging building product sales get you down. Here's how to get your commercial building materials website back on track.

Building Product Sales Lagging? Maybe It’s Your Website

As a building product manufacturer, your business hinges on your ability to make sales. Unfortunately, if your commercial building materials website isn’t converting browsers into buyers, you may not know why or what to do about it. How do you … Read More

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Put these building materials business ideas into practice to grow your business and build more long-term relationships.

7 Building Materials Business Ideas To Help You Succeed

You provide quality building materials and competitive prices. So why isn’t your business growing at a faster rate? A good place to start is by implementing these key building materials business ideas. Follow these tips to get on the right … Read More

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Edgewood Group Found the Perfect Partner for Reaching the A&D Community

When selecting flooring for commercial use, most architects and designers (A&D) look for a blend of beauty and durability. They’re looking for building materials that will withstand the rigorous wear and tear of regular foot traffic and won’t require frequent … Read More

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Drive more product specifications