Concora and Alchemco Unite to Enhance Digital Experience for Design Professionals


Concora and Alchemco Unite to Enhance Digital Experience for Design Professionals

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2023Concora, an innovator in digital solutions for the building product manufacturers, is proud to announce its collaboration with Alchemco, a global leader of concrete waterproofing systems. This strategic partnership aims to leverage Concora Spec, Concora’s specialized platform, to significantly enhance digital engagement for design professionals (architects, engineers, and contractors).


Founded in 2018, Alchemco quickly ascended to become a global authority in the concrete waterproofing industry. With a proven track record that spans projects in over 75 countries, the company specializes in an array of business segments including high-rise developments, parking structures, highway bridges, water treatment plants, marinas, airports, and stadiums. At the core of Alchemco’s success is its commitment to prevent the premature spalling, corrosion, and degradation of concrete, supported by innovative technology and rigorous testing procedures. Building on this solid foundation, the partnership with Concora aims to optimize digital engagement tailored to the unique requirements of commercial design professionals, making Alchemco not just a leader in product offerings but
also in customer experience.


“Alchemco’s slogan of offering ‘today’s solutions for tomorrow’s problems’ is a vision we wholeheartedly share at Concora. Our partnership will enable Alchemco to deliver a next-generation digital experience, meeting the evolving demands of their design professionals.” Eric Snyder, CEO of Concora.


Concora Spec is at the heart of this collaboration, seamlessly integrated into Alchemco’s digital strategy powering their new Alchemco Resource Center. This platform refines the design community experience by improving search functionality, streamlining downloads, and allowing project saves and product comparisons. These features work in tandem to serve the diverse needs of design professionals and contractors.


Further elevating the experience is the Submittal Generator, a game-changing feature within Concora Spec that simplifies the submittal process, saving time and minimizing errors through a majority automated process. Along with The Submittal Generator, Alchemco will also feature Project Showcase which completes the experience by vividly presenting Alchemco’s products in real-world applications, bridging the gap from concept to implementation.


“I am delighted to share our enthusiasm for this new venture”, Ali Sullivan Director of Marketing for Alchemco. “Both Alchemco and Concora share a passion for innovation, sustainability, and simplifying complex processes for our customers. This collaboration will combine Alchemco’s innovative waterproofing technology with Concora’s state-of-the-art digital platform, creating a powerful synergy that will revolutionize the way construction professionals work.”


As Alchemco expands its footprint in global markets, the company is excited about using Concora’s suite of tools to gather valuable market data and project information. This intelligence will inform and empower Alchemco’s sales and marketing strategies moving forward.


The partnership between Concora and Alchemco is a continuation of both companies’ ongoing commitment to technological innovation and customer-focused solutions. It sets the stage for a new age in how Alchemco engages with its core audience, ensuring a seamless and enriched user experience.


About Concora:

Concora helps building product manufacturers to get their building materials specified for use in commercial construction projects. With Concora Spec, manufacturers can provide a simplified buyer’s journey that meets the stringent requirements of commercial design professionals (architects, engineers, and contractors). Learn more about Concora at


About Alchemco:

Alchemco is a global leader in innovative construction solutions, specializing in ecofriendly products and sustainable technologies. Committed to revolutionizing construction practices, Alchemco develops and implements cutting-edge solutions that enhance durability, efficiency, and environmental impact across construction projects worldwide. Learn more at

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