Highlight your products in real projects

Create an innovative and engaging showcase of your products in actual projects, and AECs can visualize products, learn the diversity of use, increase specifications, track high-quality leads, and generate submittals.

Easily spotlight important projects

Display products in CTAs (Call to Action) – download 3D content, submittals, sustainability, specs, etc.

Visual walkthrough of sample projects

Walk AECs through visual renderings that show your products in a diverse set of building projects.

Generate submittals and leads

Gather insights into potential customers through downloadable content, create a project, automate a submittal – Take the easy way to high-quality leads

Showcase your products in each project

Help AECs specify complimentary products from featured projects.

Enable the AEC buyer journey

Delve deeper into an easy and quick buyer's journey – from inspiration to specifications

What is a Project Showcase?

A Project Showcase (or “brag book”) is a digital portfolio features building products (and their uses) in visual and inspiring ways.

Product specifications, content, and case studies serve as a creative vision for future building projects.

Displays products’ use cases in a variety of real-world scenarios

Allows manufacturers to feature top products

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Why is it so important?

Project Showcases significantly increase a website’s appeal, which in turn increases professional trust in your company and your products.

Stand out from the competition with videos, downloadable content, custom project creations, submittals, functional specifications, etc.

Generate high-quality leads through a trackable customer-base

Increase customer trust and loyalty with proven expertise and experience through case studies and actual projects

How do they impact your business?

A Building Manufacturer’s website is immediately enriched by including a Project Showcase that offers engaging, innovative, and visually appealing content. When AECs want to visit your website, it translates into more commercial sales growth and elevated specifications.

Standout from the competition with videos, downloadable content, custom project creation, submittals, functional specs, etc.

Generate high-quality leads through a trackable customer-base

Differentiate your products by displaying the products in diverse building projects

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How can Concora help?

Concora’s Project Showcase is an innovative showstopper! Catch the AEC community’s eye with CGI videos, featured products, and easy submittals.

AECs are visual – let them see your products in rendered videos, real-world building projects, and easily automate submittals.

Interactive features, downloadable content, and Call-to-Action buttons lead to more commercial sales growth.

Go beyond mundane PDF case studies and static images and opt for trackable high-quality leads, custom CG videos, featured products, etc.

Explore a world of new possibilities with Concora's Project Showcase.

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