About Us

About us

Concora is transforming the way building product manufacturers do business online.

We're building the modern web

The construction industry is going digital and we help building product manufacturers adapt quickly to meet demand and grow along with next-generation buyers.


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Our mission

Bridge the gap

Concora is a SaaS brand that helps building product brands amplify the power of their website to exceed expectations of architects, engineers, contractors and designers.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

From the first meeting and beyond the launch of your expanded website, we're here to help with everything from creating BIM content to analyzing results.

Our values


We've built our business on being genuine with customers to create trusting foundations for success, and we understand the value of authentic storytelling.


With more customers asking building product brands to become more sustainable, we believe we have the ability to power the industry to be more transparent.


We put our customers' best interests first, and are constantly innovating to meet their goals to reach more architects, engineers, contractors and designers.

Trusted by


Eric Snyder

Chief Executive Offier
Eric is a seasoned enterprise software executive with expertise in business development and operations with a focus on business transformation and innovation through technology.

Courtney Freimuth

VP, Controller & Human Resources
Courtney has spent the last 12 years in the SaaS space working in Finance. At Concora, she is also responsible for all Human Resources functions in addition to her fiduciary duties.

Phil Gerolstein

VP, Sales
With more than 20 years of sales and leadership experience, Phil is responsible for driving global sales across the enterprise and establishing market presence.

Jennifer Herndon

Head of Product
Jennifer is an experienced enterprise product team leader with expertise in SaaS integration and implementation. She's built her career overseeing development teams from startups to large brands.

Ryan Chesnut

Head of Engineering
Ryan is an innovative software engineer, who develops robust, clean and responsive code. His solutions are driven by creative problem solving, extensive experience and a passion for technology.

Candace Shackelford

Head of Marketing
Candace is an experienced digital marketer in the SaaS space as it relates to content creation, lead generation, event management and multi-million dollar social media campaigns.
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