Make it easy for contractors to do business online with you

Automate the submittal process for subcontractors and provide them access to the most important documents need to generate highly qualified leads and close deals.

Workflow Driven Submittals

Automate Submittal generation. Simple, easy and based on the contractor’s needs.

Comprehensive Product Library

Make all your important technical content available for the Submittal- like data sheets, specs, BIM, etc.

Unified PDFs

Unified PDF that is a collection of the selected documents. Great cover sheet and presentation.

Lead Generation

Understand in real-time, who is creating Submittals, for which products and for which projects.

Rich Searching & Filtering

Make it easy to quickly find product documents and content through dynamic filters and searching.

What are Submittals?

Submittals are documents needed for subcontractors to win or get work approved for a building project.

It’s the number #1 requested document from subcontractors

They expect submittals on the manufacturer’s website

It’s a collection of technical product documents (e.g. specs, data sheets, BIM, etc.) needed from the manufacturer


Why are they so important?

If a subcontractor can’t quickly create submittals on your website, there is up to a 50% chance they will do business somewhere else.

90% of manufacturer’s website do not have an adequate submittal process

Submittals are very hard to maintain on a website

Poor submittals causes friction and dissatisfaction with subcontractors

How do they impact your business?

By not enabling the online buyer journey of subcontractors, manufacturers are losing business to their competitors.

Average project size is $5k – $100k

Make it easier for subcontractors to do business online with you

Generate more qualified leads, grow commercial sales


How can Concora help?

Concora’s Digital Experience Platform has a robust Submittal process focused on the subcontractor’s needs.

Anchored (“white labeled”) to your website and brand

Already built, saving you many months (or years) of development effort

Focused on the subcontractor’s needs

Concora is the Web Experience Platform for Building Product Manufacturers.

Concora News

Concora News

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