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The BIM Advantage: What Building Product Manufacturers’ Websites Need to Empower Architects

The American Institute of Architects, AIA, design firms are increasingly using BIM software – 100% of large firms, 88% of midsize firms, and approximately 40% small firms.   BIM represents an asset’s physical and functional aspects digitally, enabling the creation … Read More

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Understanding Building Information Modeling: Part 1

You’ve likely heard about the rising interest in building information modeling (BIM) in the building product manufacturing space. BIM and its implications are becoming significant in our sector, and it’s important for Building Product Manufacturers (BPMs) and their teams to … Read More

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6 Ways to Go Green in the Building Product Manufacturing Industry

Today, more than ever, customers care about the values of the businesses they patronize and whether they are taking action to support those values. When it comes to sustainability, nearly 80% of U.S. consumers consider sustainability (of a product, the … Read More

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How Small Brands Can Compete with Big Brands

In so many ways, small businesses are the building blocks of America. Not only do they embody the American dream, but they often service industries and customers in a more personal manner. That said, there can be an assumption that … Read More

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6 Things That Are Sending Your Customers To The Competition

Building product manufacturers(BPMs) understand the pain of losing customers to direct competitors, but not knowing why might be even harder. Within this space, however, there are some key factors that could be sending your customers to the competition. Let’s explore … Read More

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Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Building Materials on Social Media

It’s no secret that social media as part of your BPM marketing strategy is no longer a luxury — it’s a requirement. But within the building product manufacturing space, it can be challenging to know where to start when it … Read More

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Product Photography Tips for BPMs

A picture is worth a thousand words. The right picture of your building product is worth a thousand specifications. Websites are important for any industry, and building product manufacturers are no different, especially with the changes since the start of … Read More

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Mind Your Metrics: Utilization of Analytics for BPMs

Building product manufacturers can benefit from analytics to help them determine how best to leverage the industry, how much they can expect to sell, and track the costs of materials. The challenges manufacturers face are similar to other suppliers and … Read More

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4 Affordable Ways to Market Test a New Product

Whether it’s a product from an established company or an innovative solution from a brand-new company, the introduction of new products is always exciting, but what happens before this product can be released? Why is Market Testing Important? In order … Read More

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Finding charity partners that fit your business values can be daunting, but break it into steps. Follow the lead of companies like AEP Span, and create a partnership that benefits the community and your brand.

How Building Product Manufacturers Can Find Charity Partners

After reaching a certain level of success, many building materials companies want to give back. But with more than 2 million nonprofits in the United States, how do you find charity partners worth your support? Luxe Linear Drains is a … Read More

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