Product Updates

New Features: Sustainable Filters, Sustainability Declarations, and Data Sheets

August 6, 2020

As much as 50% of new commercial construction projects in the United States are Green Building Initiatives. Manufacturers need to make it easy for A&D customers to be able to quickly search, select, and specify sustainable building products. If not, the customer will leave. The update provides enhanced sustainability search refinement filters along with the…

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New Submittal Generation Tool

November 21, 2019

A submittal is one of the main forms of written communication between AECs, Vendors, Manufacturers, and Owners designed to state intent to purchase, directed queries, and other communication that requires a formal response from the receiving party. Creating a submittal on a manufacturer’s website is a very strong indication of the AEC user’s intent to…

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Featured Sorting Enhancements

September 3, 2019

“Featured” sorting is a custom feature that allows BPMs to sort products in a specific order on the Design Studio as dictated by an attribute created on the Design Manager. The value attached to said attribute would dictate how the product was sorted on the Design Studio when sort by “Featured” was selected (e.g. a…

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Events Log, Request a Quote and More New Features

July 10, 2019

Events Log The Events section is a new part of Insights. It allows for data that we capture in lead exports to be displayed in the Manager, including downloads, views, referrals, and searches. Events has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that can be filtered and sorted to the user’s specifications. Request For Quote/Contact Sales Rep…

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Dashboard Redesign and New Features

May 23, 2019

Dashboard Revamp The old Dashboard has been replaced by our new UI. The Dashboard is broken into two sections: traffic and events. Traffic has data related to the amount of users accessing the Design studio broken into visitors, sessions, loyalty and conversion. Events shows the total amount of events that have occurred on a user’s…

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Customization, Enhanced Login and Bug Fixes

February 26, 2019

Customizable Features The appearance of the Design Studio can now be customized to match the BPMs’ brand colors and preferences. New customizable elements include header and footer color and links, favicon, bulleted product features, sorting rules, and product feature callouts. Login/Registration In order to download product information, AEC users must log into the Design Studio…

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Product Performance Enhancements

August 20, 2018

This update improves the import time of Revit files, including single files and batch uploads, and allows Manager users to publish products to the Design Studio faster. Revit Imports New Import Times On Average Users can import a single family RFA and have it finish processing in 15 seconds (on average). Users can import single…

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