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Drive more product specifications

Speed and accuracy matter to design professionals - (Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Designers, Specifiers)

Concora offers a cloud software platform that modernizes how manufacturers engage design professionals online through a streamlined product selection and specification experience.

Drive more product specifications

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Provide the Digital Product Experience Design Professionals Need

The majority of design professionals prefer to go to manufacturers’ websites for product documentation. Provide them a modern digital experience to streamline the specification process.


Streamlined Specification Journey

Elevate your engagement with design professionals by simplifying the way they discover, compare, and specify your products for their projects regardless of where they are in the project lifecycle.

One-Stop Resource Hub

Offer your design community the ultimate convenience of accessing product documentation, specifications, and BIM (Building Information Modelling) content all in one place. Allow them to save projects, compare products, and download assets - fostering brand loyalty.

Power Your Sales and Marketing

Lead Capture and Activity Analytics

Website visitors are your warmest leads. Capture actionable insights and identity of visitors as they browse your products. Records include everything they view and download to provide sales and marketing greater leverage in customer interactions.

Manage All Product Documentation in One Place

Add, edit, and remove product documentation with ease. You get the flexibility to update your portfolio as often as you need in real time.

Have gaps in spec content? We offer services to assist with creating BIM, guide specs, and sustainability content.

What we offer

Concora Spec

A first of its kind platform, dedicated to the building materials industry, that elevates your existing website experience with content and digital tools - purpose built for design professionals. It enhances engagement making it easier for them to get your products into their projects.

BIM Services

BIM is no longer a luxury, but a competitive necessity for commercial projects. Leveraging our boutique approach, we work with manufacturers to craft custom high-quality REVIT models that meet the needs of design professionals.


Transform your 3D renderings into interactive walkthroughs, creating realistic product showcases that enhance decision-making, aid in marketing, and empower design ideas.

How we help

Make it Easy to Specify Building Materials from Your Website

Be the basis of design and increase commercial sales. With customer expectations changing and the online product specification process evolving, Concora Spec helps building product manufacturers adapt quickly.

Add seamless functionality

Our platform exclusively supports the section of your website that visitors use to discover products and associated documentation.

See customer activity

Concora Spec captures leads directly from platform traffic and makes it easy to find spec information and downloadable assets, like REVIT, 3-part specs, and more.

Unify the online submittal experience

Provide a self-service submittal tool for reps, contractors, and sub-contractors that automates the submittal process. Create branded submittal packages in minutes.

Gain insights

Better understand how website visitors utilize technical information by analyzing views, downloads, and engagements across different stages of the project lifecycle.

Increase productivity

Put time back in your sales team’s day by providing your customers with the self-service capabilities they need.

Get help anytime

Concora Spec is easy to use and updates in real time. Your marketing and/or sales support team will receive training and ongoing support with a dedicated Customer Success Manager


What our customers are saying

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"We see people on the backend of the website that we’ve never met before that we don't know and I can send this to my sales team. Even if it’s one job or two jobs. If it’s a big job, this platform has paid for itself 10x over."  
Sonja Tillman
Marketing Director, Cherokee Brick
"Initially we had our BIM models done by another vendor, but it was just a mess. Now with Concora, they explained what the industry standard is, what an architect needs and what’s in our
best interests."
Vanessa Lin
Marketing Coordinator, Plastpro
"It literally opens to one page. They can click and get their Revits. They can click and get their images. They can download the installation guidelines. It’s the fact that everything is all together. That’s going to make life a lot easier."
Melanie Haskell
VP of Sales, Dinoflex
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Frequently Asked Questions

We're here with the help and advice you need to drive more product specifications.

Our customers are building product manufacturers; however our platform is made to meet the needs of their customers – architects, engineers, contractors, designers and even distributors and manufacturing reps.

Concora Spec has over 60,000 registered users.

Concora Spec is not a marketplace, but rather it is an extension of your website – where the majority of design professionals go to get technical information about your products.

No, Concora Spec is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that is pre-configured by Concora and branded to be a part of your website. All we require is a link off your web admin dashboard. Easy to deploy.

We offer one core subscription package that is priced depending on your business needs. Extensions are an extra cost to add additional functionality as needed.

Concora’s Customer Success Team does the majority of the heavy lifting for you, configuring the platform to meet your needs. Average deployment time is 60 days.

We offer enterprise pricing to meet the specific needs of big brands with large product portfolios.

No, users are not required to log in to download product content, however they must provide an email address to download submittals.

We currently integrate with Salesforce and Google Analytics. More CRM integrations, including Marketo and Hubspot, are on the way.

All customer data is stored in Amazon Web Services behind a Virtual Private Cloud. This means only credentialed users have access to your data. In compliance with privacy laws, we also have an option to erase all data by request.

All of our customers are supported by a dedicated account manager along with regular check-ins to review traffic, leads, and other activity.

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