Aiding Architects on Their Digital Journey: Insights from AIA Journey to Specification 2023


Aiding Architects on Their Digital Journey: Insights from AIA Journey to Specification 2023

Architectural professionals have spoken and what they are saying is important for manufacturers to hear. The American Institute of Architects (AIA), The Architects Journey to Specification 2023, provides a comprehensive look into the current state of interactions between architects and building product manufacturers. Below we delve into three key findings from the report and how Concora is uniquely poised to address these insights, reinforcing our commitment to bridging the gap between design professionals, and building product manufacturers.


Architects’ Satisfaction: Room for Improvement

A revelation from the AIA report is that architects, on the whole, rate their satisfaction with building product manufacturers as “neutral to slightly satisfied”. This sentiment underscores an opportunity for manufacturers to enhance their engagement strategies and communication channels. Architects’ desire for more in-depth knowledge about new products is evident, with 83% of respondents expressing a wish for more time to explore innovations in the building materials industry.


The Importance of BIM Integration

Architects are calling for a smoother blend between specification processes and Building Information Modeling (BIM). With over half (57%) of those surveyed emphasizing the urgency for better integration, it’s evident that advanced digital modeling tools are fundamental to the future of architectural design. This demand for closer BIM integration is particularly strong among the younger generation of architects, who are eager to see a greater availability of BIM models, highlighting the evolving expectations in the field.


The Gap in Manufacturer Performance

Feedback from architects also pointed to several areas where manufacturers could improve, including:

  • Keeping product information up to date.
  • Informing architects about new products.
  • Supporting the specification of systems.
  • Providing information on environmental credentials.

Furthermore, architects expressed dissatisfaction with the digital presence of many manufacturers, noting challenges in navigating their websites and accessing vital online information. The lowest satisfaction scores were specifically attributed to the availability of BIM.


Concora: Bridging the Digital Divide

At Concora, we understand the nature of these findings and have meticulously designed our Concora Spec platform to address these challenges. Concora Spec enhances the digital experience for design professionals by offering a suite of features that responds to the needs highlighted in the AIA report:

  • Up-to-Date Product Information: Ensure that updating product information is accessible for anyone to accomplish, regardless of technical background. By maintaining the latest product documentation on Concora Spec, design professionals can rely on accessing the most up-to-date information available.
  • Streamlined Discovery of New Products: Facilitate easy discovery of new and innovative building products, and help architects stay informed more efficiently.
  • Integrated BIM Hosting: Comprehensive BIM and CAD hosting services on your own website, where the majority of design professionals go for technical information.
  • Environmental Credentials: Enable design professionals to easily connect their environmental project needs to your sustainable products with advanced product tagging and filters of environmental ratings and characteristics.
  • Enhanced Navigation and Information Accessibility: Ensure ease of navigation, making it simpler for design professionals  to find the information they need efficiently.


The AIA report sheds light on the evolving needs of architects in the digital age. Concora empowers building product manufacturers to offer best-in-class digital tools and content to design professionals in a cost-effective subscription model.  A first of its kind, Concora Spec provides digital tools, content, and lead capture to give you a competitive edge.


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