Concora & Wayne Dalton: Refining the Digital Journey to Product Specification


Concora & Wayne Dalton: Refining the Digital Journey to Product Specification

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2023  — Concora, a pioneering company specializing in digital solutions for building product manufacturers, is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Wayne Dalton, a renowned designer, manufacturer, and installer of residential garage doors and commercial doors. Established in 1954, Wayne Dalton has evolved from its modest roots in a weathered garage to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spanning over one million square feet, with nine plants across America. This partnership aims to leverage Concora’s specialized platform, Concora Spec, to further elevate the digital experience for design professionals in the commercial sector.


“Wayne Dalton’s commitment to introducing cutting-edge products in both commercial and residential markets aligns seamlessly with Concora’s mission to offer innovative digital solutions for Design Professionals. This collaboration guarantees an unparalleled experience – ensuring their customers benefit from a seamless, innovative, and trustworthy digital journey.” Eric Snyder, CEO of Concora


In an effort to improve the digital experience for their commercial design professionals Wayne Dalton found an ideal solution in Concora Spec to power their new Technical Documents Resource Center, which is designed to simplify and enhance the digital journey for product selection and specification. The platform’s features such as advanced search functionality, easy downloads, and project saves are strategically aligned with Wayne Dalton’s goal to minimize clicks and provide a more efficient experience for design professionals.


In addition to Concora Spec, Wayne Dalton will also benefit from Concora’s Submittal Generator, a game-changing tool that automates the submittal process, substantially reducing errors and saving time for design professionals.


“This partnership with Concora, combined with the launch of our new website this year, signifies a leap in our mission to elevate ease of use for all of our customers in the digital space. We are excited to say that architects, contractors, and specifiers can now experience a seamless navigation, improved searchability, and have convenient access to the files that matter most.” Alex Ligorotis, Wayne Dalton Brand Manager.


As Wayne Dalton strives to stay ahead of the competition, the integration of Concora’s innovative tools and resources provides a competitive edge, offering capabilities that are unparalleled in the industry.


The collaboration between Concora and Wayne Dalton signifies a shared commitment to technological innovation and customer-centric solutions. This partnership sets the stage for a simplified, yet enriched, user experience, transforming the way Wayne Dalton engages with its core commercial audience.


By combining Concora’s expertise in digital experience with Wayne Dalton’s legacy, both companies are poised to redefine the interaction between manufacturers and design professionals, ensuring a future of streamlined processes and enriched experiences.


About Concora

Concora helps building product manufacturers to get their building materials specified for use in commercial construction projects. With Concora Spec, manufacturers can provide a simplified buyer’s journey that meets the stringent requirements of commercial design professionals (architects, engineers, and contractors). Learn more about Concora at


About Wayne Dalton

Wayne Dalton®, a division of Overhead Door Corporation, is a world-class designer and manufacturer of residential garage and commercial doors. Wayne Dalton® was built on a dedication to ingenuity and customer service. As the business grew, so did their commitment to expanding its product lines, featuring some of the most innovative and technologically advanced residential and commercial products. Today, Wayne Dalton® simplifies the purchase process for customers by providing a full range of doors and styles through conveniently located dealers. For more information, visit

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