Concora offers you a Partner Program and Shares Creative Solutions.


Partner Program

Partner Program

Recommend Concora Spec as an integral part of digital marketing strategy for building product manufacturers.

Partner perks

Offer More

Offer our platform as a solution for meeting industry standards and overcoming competition.

Build pipeline

Reach more potential customers with our vast network of building product manufacturers.

Showcase expertise

Educate your customers about new, more modern ways to specify and buy products online.

Prove value

Leverage our technology to help your customers drive more product specifications.

Gain insights

Stay ahead of the curve and always be in the know on where the construction industry is heading.

Amplify your brand

Let's create a mutually beneficial marketing plan to reach even more customers.

Earn commission on sales

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    Meet our partners

    The Concora Partner Program provides a way to help your customers
    amplify their online presence to drive more product specifications.

    Drive more product specifications