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Dashboard Redesign and New Features

Dashboard Revamp

The old Dashboard has been replaced by our new UI. The Dashboard is broken into two sections: traffic and events. Traffic has data related to the amount of users accessing the Design studio broken into visitors, sessions, loyalty and conversion. Events shows the total amount of events that have occurred on a user’s Design Studio from page views, product views, referrals, searches, downloads and clicks. Both sections have universal filters that are based off the AEC user’s location, industry, and occupation.

New Dropzone and Assets Section

The dropzone on the product details page of the Manager has been transformed into a completely new UI/UX that is more informative, functional, and reliable and has been given its own section on the product details page titled the Assets section.

To upload a file attachment, you can now drag and drop any number of attachments into the product details page. Time remaining will be displayed in a progress bar in the lower right-hand corner. After uploading, you can sort your attachments by clicking on the headers’ file name, date added, file type and size.

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