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Events Log, Request a Quote and More New Features

Events Log

The Events section is a new part of Insights. It allows for data that we capture in lead exports to be displayed in the Manager, including downloads, views, referrals, and searches. Events has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that can be filtered and sorted to the user’s specifications.


Request For Quote/Contact Sales Rep

Request A Quote and Contact Sales Rep allows AEC users to directly contact the BPM from the Design Studio in two new ways. However, these features are not going to be released to everyone out of the box. The BPM must request that this feature be added to their Design Studio.

Contact Sales Rep allows the AEC user to send a message that could be about a line of products or any questions or thoughts about the manufacturer or any other questions the AEC user may have for the BPM. The button is present on each page of a user’s Design Studio in the header. Messages will appear in the Design Manager’s new Messages section, and a copy of the messages will be sent to a designated email address.

The Request A Quote button is only present on the product details page and allows AEC users to contact the BPM about a specific product. Additionally, the AEC user is invited to enter project information about the project as well. Like the messages received from Contact Sales Rep, the messages submitted from Request A Quote will be sent to the messages section in the Manager and to the email addresses the BPM submitted for messages to be forwarded to.


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