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Elm Surfaces Partners with Concora to Increase Specifications

ELM Surfaces is helping architects and designers and increasing product specifications with the help of Concora Spec.

Concora continues to push boundaries within the construction industry, as building product manufacturers leverage the online product specification platform to deliver an amazing experience to their customers. In a related development, Concora and Elm Surfaces recently entered into a partnership that will enable the building materials suppliers to add a product library to their website and make it easier for customers to access their variety of solutions.

Logistics, quality of service and access to a wealth of information to support construction projects are transforming through advances in technology. These are exciting times to be in this industry and participating in the evolution,” said Eric Snyder, CEO, Concora. 

We’re thrilled to support distributers like Elm Surfaces with a platform that makes it easier to specify their amazing products in more commercial projects. ” 

The building materials market continues to evolve as more brands emerge with innovative solutions to meet the needs of clients. According to a report by Research And Markets, the global construction and building materials market size was estimated at $946.26 billion in 2020, with a projection that it will reach $1.35 trillion by 2026. One of the major challenges faced by different stakeholders in the market, particularly building product manufacturers, is reaching their target audience. Customers on the other hand struggle to ascertain the most suitable products in the market based on specifications. However, Concora seeks to change this narrative through their Concora Spec platform.

“All of us at ELM Surfaces are extremely excited to launch Concora Spec on our website. We are looking forward to a wonderful partnership and to having their innovative software begin to develop even more leads for us,” says Eugenio Megna, founder and CEO of ELM Surfaces.

The Concora-Elms partnership will allow the building materials suppliers to add a robust product library to their corporate website with their branding.

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Written By Candace Shackelford

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