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Belden Brick is the largest family owned brick manufacturer in the U.S. Their success has relied on a balance of tradition with innovation, so it makes sense that they are partnering with Concora to offer a complete, secure online specification experience.

Belden Brick Looks to the Future With an Eye on the Past

The Belden Brick Company’s tradition began in 1885 when company founder, Henry S. Belden, organized the Diebold Fire Brick Company on the Belden farm. Inspired by a visit to the 1876 Centennial Fair when he saw the original stiff mud … Read More

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Futuristic materials and processes like biophilic design that bring the outside in are already being used in the building industry, but you’ll see them used much more often.

Futuristic Materials and Ideas Changing the Building Industry

Building products are constantly evolving. Product manufacturing companies spend crucial research and development time exploring the next generation of building materials. These futuristic materials and processes include recycled ingredients, improvements in how materials are created and changes in the ways … Read More

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Your customers are busy. Knowing how to distribute a press release effectively uses their time wisely and keeps them focused on your brand.

Why and How to Distribute a Press Release That Gets Noticed

A news article may give a company a boost, but when you understand how to distribute a press release effectively, you’ll get more engagement with your target audience. Building materials marketers who need to get the word out about ongoing … Read More

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ELM Surfaces is helping architects and designers and increasing product specifications with the help of Concora Spec.

Elm Surfaces Partners with Concora to Increase Specifications

Concora continues to push boundaries within the construction industry, as building product manufacturers leverage the online product specification platform to deliver an amazing experience to their customers. In a related development, Concora and Elm Surfaces recently entered into a partnership … Read More

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Characteristics of green building materials that pay off in the long run include being cost-effective or made from a renewable resource.

7 Common Characteristics of Green Building Materials

The need for green building materials is growing as consumers demand more sustainable buildings and practices. But what do we mean when we use the word green? Generally, green products are efficient, renewable or have a low impact on the … Read More

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Kathy Miller (right) and Shannon Karels (bottom) discuss what it’s like to be women leaders in manufacturing with Lydia DiLiello of the Women in Manufacturing podcast.

2 Women Leaders in Manufacturing Talk about Transformation

Kathy Miller and Shannon Karels didn’t set out to be trendsetters. But they’ve become prominent women leaders in manufacturing by changing the script in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Their journey inspired them to write a book, “Steel Toes and Stilettos: … Read More

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Targeted email marketing checks a lot of the right boxes for building products manufacturers. For starters, it’s the most cost-effective technique you will find.

Why Targeted Email Marketing Works For Building Products

Marketing is constantly evolving, but one aspect that hasn’t changed is the power of email marketing. When done correctly, targeted email marketing remains one of the most practical and effective ways to market building materials. It’s essential for a successful … Read More

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A digital strategy isn’t an alternative to attending a trade show in person; it’s the addition that makes the visit worthwhile.

Why You Need A Digital Strategy for In-Person Trade Shows

The marketing and networking benefits of in-person construction industry trade shows can’t be beat. However, if you don’t integrate a robust digital strategy into your marketing efforts, you’ll lose momentum and revenue. The vast majority of businesses and individuals search … Read More

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A building product is just one detail in a complex building process. Make it easy for architects and engineers to include your product by utilizing BIM content management software that translates your product into the format they need.

You Need BIM Content Management Software To Remain Relevant

The building and construction industry is changing rapidly. Building Information Modeling or BIM is at the heart of that change. It’s the data that drives the process. BIM content management software is how building product manufacturers can stay engaged in … Read More

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If you don’t understand the importance of building a brand, this guide is for you.

The Importance of Building a Brand for Product Manufacturers

The manufacturing industry is one of the most competitive industries out there. To thrive, building materials manufacturers must create a unique identity and understand the importance of building a brand. Why Is Branding Important For Building Materials Manufacturers? Branding distinguishes … Read More

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