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Mind Your Metrics: Utilization of Analytics for BPMs

Building product manufacturers can benefit from analytics to help them determine how best to leverage the industry, how much they can expect to sell, and track the costs of materials. The challenges manufacturers face are similar to other suppliers and … Read More

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4 Affordable Ways to Market Test a New Product

Whether it’s a product from an established company or an innovative solution from a brand-new company, the introduction of new products is always exciting, but what happens before this product can be released? Why is Market Testing Important? In order … Read More

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Finding charity partners that fit your business values can be daunting, but break it into steps. Follow the lead of companies like AEP Span, and create a partnership that benefits the community and your brand.

How Building Product Manufacturers Can Find Charity Partners

After reaching a certain level of success, many building materials companies want to give back. But with more than 2 million nonprofits in the United States, how do you find charity partners worth your support? Luxe Linear Drains is a … Read More

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Universal design products make healthcare settings safer for a wide variety of patients, including older patients, who are more likely to experience mental health concerns.

Universal Design Products Keep Healthcare Facilities Safe

Healthcare facilities face a unique challenge: they must be accessible to people of all types and levels of physical and mental limitations. How can the healthcare industry respond while handling a growing volume of patients? The answer lies in universal … Read More

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The Build America, Buy America Act covers how materials are sourced for infrastructure projects, including manufacturing products.

Build America, Buy America Act: What Manufacturers Need to Know

When Congress passes large bills, there are always questions about how the new regulations will work. The Build America, Buy America Act, a provision of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs bill, is no different. Here’s what manufacturers that want to … Read More

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Optimize your LinkedIn profile to reap the benefits of better business relationships, including more contacts, more leads and ultimately, more sales.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile: A How-To Guide For BPMs

Your company LinkedIn page is so much more than a convenient landing page. It’s an opportunity to grow relationships in the building product manufacturing realm, share your expertise, drive more leads and help you reach your business goals faster. Here’s … Read More

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Good marketing matters because it makes an experience or a product memorable.

4 Reasons Marketing Matters for Building Product Manufacturers

Good marketing can make all the difference in how people perceive your brand. Marketing typically influences more than 75% of sales leads and sources up to 10% of them, according to Forrester, a research and advisory company. Not convinced that … Read More

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Concrete Designers Fine Tune Site Functionality With Concora

Decorative concrete goes beyond a gussied-up section of sidewalk. Just ask Michelle Radley and Jeff Kudrick, the owners of JM Lifestyles, a premiere concrete design studio in Randolph, New Jersey. They understand the versatility of concrete like few manufacturers in … Read More

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Building product marketers juggle a lot of responsibilities. Follow these online reviews best practices to make this task as easy and rewarding as possible.

Online Reviews: Best Practices for Building Product Marketers

The modern digital world is built on credibility. Trust matters when you’re selling building products and services — or anything else. That’s why it’s so important to follow online reviews best practices. Why Do Online Customer Reviews Matter? Online reviews … Read More

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The Belden Brick Company updates their website with a new specification tool to their website, powered by Concora Spec.

Concora, Belden Brick, Partner to Build Online Specification Tool

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2022/ — It is the coming together of two forward-thinking brands in the building materials market as The Belden Brick Company partners with Concora, a deal that will enhance customers’ experience of the prominent … Read More

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Drive more product specifications