The BIM Advantage: What Building Product Manufacturers' Websites Need to Empower Architects


The BIM Advantage: What Building Product Manufacturers’ Websites Need to Empower Architects

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become an indispensable resource as technology continues to revolutionize architecture and construction. According to The American Institute of Architects, AIA, design firms are increasingly using BIM software – 100% of large firms, 88% of midsize firms, and approximately 40% of small firms use BIM.


BIM represents an asset’s physical and functional aspects digitally, enabling the creation and management of information throughout a project’s entire lifecycle. This allows architects to construct detailed digital building models, ultimately improving the design, construction, and operation phases. With the global adoption of BIM on the rise, architects increasingly search for BIM objects and resources on manufacturers’ websites to refine their design methodologies.


One of the main reasons architects value BIM on manufacturers’ websites is its ability to facilitate the creation of precise and effective building plans. By employing BIM, architects can develop intricate digital models of buildings, including information about the materials and products used during construction. This helps architects ensure their designs are feasible and tailored to meet their client’s specific needs.


Another reason architects want BIM on manufacturer’s websites is that it can help them save time and money. When a manufacturer provides BIM, they create a self-service experience for architects to dissect and gather everything they need for projects quickly and easily. This ease of access to critical information promotes better relationships between architects and manufacturers, resulting in higher specification rates, ultimately leading to higher sales and brand loyalty. Conversely, if manufacturers fail to provide easily accessible product information, they risk losing potential projects. An AIA study found that 73% of architects will leave a site if they cannot find what they are seeking within a few clicks. Furthermore, architects are twice as likely to look for product information on a competitor’s website than they are to contact the manufacturer if they cannot find that information.


Additionally, BIM plays a vital role in enhancing collaboration among different teams involved in a construction project. With BIM, architects, engineers, contractors, and building product manufacturers can seamlessly share and access information in real-time, reducing confusion and preventing costly mistakes. This ultimately improves the overall efficiency of the construction process, resulting in better-quality buildings.


There are several reasons why architects want BIM on manufacturers’ websites. BIM helps architects to design more accurate and effective building plans, save time and money, and improve collaboration among different teams involved in a project. As the use of BIM continues to grow manufacturers who provide BIM resources on their websites are seen as valuable partners by architects.

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