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Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile: A How-To Guide For BPMs

Optimize your LinkedIn profile to reap the benefits of better business relationships, including more contacts, more leads and ultimately, more sales.

Your company LinkedIn page is so much more than a convenient landing page. It’s an opportunity to grow relationships in the building product manufacturing realm, share your expertise, drive more leads and help you reach your business goals faster. Here’s how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and reap the benefits.

Why Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile? Look at the Stats

LinkedIn is the best social network to help you reach your business goals. Consider the following statistics:

  • LinkedIn has more than 722 million members.
  • 55 million companies are active on the platform.
  • LinkedIn stands is the most trusted social media platform.

Your goals likely include recruiting top talent, increasing B2B sales or improving brand recognition and reputation. You can reach those goals by optimizing your LinkedIn profile and leveraging the platform’s many tools.

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Are you using LinkedIn to its full potential? Optimizing your profile and presence can help you do the following:

Build relationships: Build relationships with other businesses, job seekers and the general public. The real power of this social network is its ability to connect people.

Share your expertise: Use the platform to share your knowledge about building product manufacturing topics. Write and publish LinkedIn articles and share posts strategically to demonstrate your expertise. And by keeping up with the industry conversation on LinkedIn, you may learn a thing or two yourself.

Increase engagement: Optimizing your LinkedIn page will allow you to showcase your brand and increase engagement with active members of your industry.

Drive leads: An optimized LinkedIn page drives more business opportunities. Users trust and are attracted to businesses with a clear profile and a consistent voice online. This trust can grow your following, leads and ultimately, sales.

Improve targeting: LinkedIn allows you to target each message to a specific audience. LinkedIn can show your post to users within a particular industry, at specific locations or to those who match other important characteristics, such as senior-level executives.

Enhance recruiting: An average of six people are hired through LinkedIn every minute. When you optimize your LinkedIn profile, you’re more likely to improve your recruitment rate and help top candidates find you.

How to: LinkedIn Profile Management for Building Product Manufacturers

LinkedIn profile management comes down to four simple steps. Use this guide to create a profile from scratch or to optimize your existing building product manufacturer page.

1. Create a LinkedIn Company Page

First, create a LinkedIn company page. It’s important to create a company page that’s separate from your personal LinkedIn profile. A company page allows users to follow and engage directly with your brand.

2. Fill Out Your Company Page — Completely

Fill out your company page in its entirety. Leave no space blank. Completed pages get 30% more weekly views than incomplete pages, according to LinkedIn. Information you need to provide includes: company size, industry, type, tagline and overview. Spend time with the “about” section to make it memorable and keyword-rich. Look at your page through the eyes of a potential customer. How can you win that customer over?

3. Add Photos
Your business needs to build trust with every interaction. Include your company logo in your profile image to build your brand recognition. Utilize the cover image photo slot, which appears as a long landscape photo behind your profile picture, to add depth to your company’s visual story. Use a photo that matches your company’s personality or one that reveals useful information, like a snapshot of your manufacturing process.

4. Post Regularly

Don’t make the mistake of filling out your LinkedIn company profile and then not participating on the platform. Success on LinkedIn will only come to those who consistently post and share. Use LinkedIn articles to showcase your unique business offerings and to share company announcements, employee successes and thought leadership. Engage with your community and take time to respond or reshare when your business is mentioned.

More Tips for Building Product Manufacturers

LinkedIn profile management comes down to following a few simple steps. That small effort will pay off in the long run, and any business can take advantage of the platform’s amazing tools.

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Written By Candace Shackelford

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