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The Importance of Building a Brand for Product Manufacturers

If you don’t understand the importance of building a brand, this guide is for you.

The manufacturing industry is one of the most competitive industries out there. To thrive, building materials manufacturers must create a unique identity and understand the importance of building a brand.

Why Is Branding Important For Building Materials Manufacturers?

Branding distinguishes your company from the competition. Branding is more than the appearance of your product or the color scheme of your logo. Your brand communicates your mission and your values. It’s a key element of your overall image. It should be clear and visible on marketing materials, advertising, your website and your products.

Knowing the why of branding is important. But building materials manufacturers also want to know what cohesive branding can accomplish.

Builds Trust and Recognition

Building trust and recognition are the foundation of brand awareness. Your business depends on people knowing about your products and services. If customers identify and remember your brand, they’re more likely to do business with you.

Every brand has its own identity and a distinct visual language. A consistent theme across advertising, social media postings, website and videos builds trust. Over time, customers easily identify your brand. As their trust grows, so will their loyalty.

Creates An Emotional Bond

Successful branding helps create an emotional bond between your products and your customers.

Think about Apple. It’s a wonderful example of the importance of building a brand. The level of excitement around each new Apple product launch is irrational. People’s attachment to iPhones is extraordinary. Apple maintains such emotional loyalty through its marketing and advertising.

Realistically, your building product is unlikely to generate hype like the latest iPhone, but it’s a good example of how powerful and emotional a brand can be.

Sets Your Company Apart From The Competition

There are thousands of building material manufacturing companies in the United States. What makes you stand out from the competition?

Consider how you would choose between two nearly identical chocolate bars. Most likely, you’ll stick with the brand you know and enjoy unless the competitor’s branding catches your eye. If you’re choosing between two unfamiliar products, you’re more likely to choose the one with the most clear, concise branding.

However, it’s not just about the colors or a logo; it’s about the overall experience of the brand.

Branding differentiates your company from all the others fighting for your audience’s attention.

Creates Consistency and Value

Branding makes communicating with your target audience easier. Though marketing strategies may vary over time, developing a stable brand guarantees consistency. It helps customers remember your values and identity.

Every aspect of the brand communicates what type of company you are. It’s more than the products you sell. Branding includes customer service and relationships. In fact, these two elements are even more important for smaller building product companies. Why? Because they focus on the value of your building material brand, as Whizard Strategy explains. In the long term, value matters more.

Boosts Employee Morale

Great branding is one ingredient of a strong corporate culture. Staff morale is tied to that culture. Employee satisfaction tends to be higher in companies that have a well-developed brand. And it’s circular: satisfied employees do a better job and contribute to a successful brand image.

Generates Referrals

Customers of all kinds enjoy telling their peers, relatives and anyone who will listen about their favorite brands. It could be a good reaction to the product itself or a great interaction with a sales rep. Positive reactions generate repeat business and strong referrals.

The opposite is also true. Unhappy building product customers will tell others about a negative experience. But by far the worst scenario is silence. Customers say nothing about the brands they can’t recall! That’s when the importance of building a brand really hits home.


Written By Candace Shackelford

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