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Webinar Recap: What Manufacturers Can Learn From Amazon

Candace from Concora and Beth from Venveo talk digital marketing for building product manufacturers.

Did you miss our webinar 3 Digital Marketing Tactics to Reach More Architects last week?

One of the biggest challenges in the building product manufacturing industry today is what to do about marketing. As many companies are looking to expand their digital footprint, they are looking for opportunities to connect online with fewer opportunities for in-person meetings during the pandemic. That’s where our digital marketing expertise comes in.

In a recent webinar, me and Beth Beth PopNikolov, CEO from Venveo, discussed innovative strategies for successfully implementing a digital marketing plan that drives results. This webinar covered how architects are using search and lead nurture campaigns that convert sales. We even answered common questions like, why does a building product manufacturer even need social media?

Here are some other major keys from the discussion.

You should sell like Amazon

Amazon has undoubtedly reshaped the face of selling online worldwide. As of this month, the online giant held a whopping 51.2 percent share of all U.S. e-commerce sales — ten times that of it’s top competitor. Building product manufacturers can learn a lot from the  “Amazon effect,” as more architects than ever before are looking for a seamless, omnichannel browsing experience from their favorite building product brands. 

That’s why the web experience Amazon provides was a hot topic of conversation in our most recent webinar. Their website puts all kinds technical details at their shopper’s fingertips. On top of that, product information is easy to find.

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Architects require a wealth of product information to specify products.

More than a third of architects use TikTok

Of course being on Facebook is a necessity. But if you thought Snapchat and Tiktok were for 12 year olds, we have news for you. As it relates to social media, your audience is everywhere. Why not invest marketing dollars into where your customers are spending time?

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Social media usage data for architects as of March 2024.


Top manufacturers have great websites

Here’s an example of a stone manufacturer that’s upping their digital marketing game: Buechael Stone. Buechael Stone’s website is a resource for every piece of technical documentation that they have available, including BIM and Revit files. Among that content is also video that brings their products to life. 

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The future of building product manufacturer websites .

Wrapping up

At the end of the day, architects need to browse products somewhere. And if you can offer something your competitors don’t, you can grab a bigger slice of their spending.

Click here to watch the full webinar recording. 


Written By Candace Shackelford

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