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What is Concora?

February 23, 2021

Concora places the assets and tools AECs need to work quickly, efficiently, and productively at their fingertips, eliminating the endless hunt and peck approach to finding and specifying products.   Due to the global pandemic, many businesses realize that it’s no longer enough to list products on a website and have that serve as your…

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building products

Simplicity Sells – Why Ease of Use is Critical to Digital Marketing of Building Products

August 17, 2020

In our last building product marketing blog, we explained how granular search makes it easy for architects, engineers, and contractors to find the specific materials they need for their commercial building projects. While search capabilities are important, there are other elements of the user experience that digital marketers need to consider.   Responsive Design If…

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Marketing Plan for Building

The Key Components of a Marketing Plan for Building Product Manufacturers

July 15, 2020

If you work as a marketer for a building product manufacturer, you likely know it’s crucial to have a solid marketing plan for your products. Even if you have a decent plan, are you just repeating the same things you’ve done before? Sure, keep what’s working, but be willing to adjust what you’re doing with…

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BIM Content

What Makes for High Quality BIM Content?

March 8, 2020

High-quality Building Information Model (BIM) content.  Is there a single definition of what comprises quality BIM content? For the Building Product Manufacturer, the answer is a resounding yes! Quality BIM content is defined by the designers and contractors’ use of that content.  For the manufacturer, whose lifeblood is the specification and eventual purchase of their…

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Commercial Building Cycle

Maximize Conversions at Every Phase of the Commercial Building Cycle

March 5, 2020

You’re a building product manufacturer, and you have a digital presence in the form of your commercial website. Online visits, returns, and page views are trending up. Architects, engineers, and contractors (AECs) are downloading your content and specifying your products. You’ve added the tools that encourage your professional user community to register and share project…

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sell products

Know Your Audience: How to Sell Products Through Architects

December 6, 2019

At the risk of sounding reductive, every marketing and sales professional on the planet has the same job: to influence decision making in the direction of their product or service. Most of those brilliant marketing and sales minds would agree that, no matter the industry, understanding the target customer and the circumstances surrounding their decision-making…

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Architects to Manufacturers: Provide Resources We Can Trust

October 1, 2019

Whether you’re an architect or a construction manager, perfection is everything. This line of work is one of the few where lives hinge on decision makers’ foresight and expertise. So, if perfection is the name of the game in the design-build world, why is it so hard to achieve? Looking at the research available, two…

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jerry seinfeld

The #1 Way to Differentiate Products in the Digital Age: A Rebranding Story

September 25, 2019

I read a story in Lifehacker about a conversation between Jerry Seinfeld and a young comedian, Brad Isaac. Isaac asked Seinfeld backstage if he had any tips for a young comic. Seinfeld told him that the way to be a better comic was to create better jokes. In other words, just work on your act.…

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Twelve Signs Your BIM Strategy is Failing

January 23, 2019

1. “What in the world is a BIM Strategy?” just came out of your mouth. Don’t fret, you’re not alone. Creating BIM (Building Information Models) used to be a transactional activity – it was a box a manufacturer checked. Market-leading manufacturers today are now using BIM to help position their products and achieve marketing and…

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