What is Concora?


Concora places the assets and tools AECs need to work quickly, efficiently, and productively at their fingertips, eliminating the endless hunt and peck approach to finding and specifying products.


Due to the global pandemic, many businesses realize that it’s no longer enough to list products on a website and have that serve as your B2B digital marketing strategy. Building product manufacturers like you have previously relied heavily on tradeshows and in-person meetings to drive commercial sales, but with those on hold indefinitely, now is a great time to pivot those resources to your website.

Your website is the face of your brand. It’s where you send everyone to “learn more.” It might be hard to admit, but your website could be costing you sales because the tolerance for bad websites is very low. One of the main goals of optimizing your website with a digital experience platform, such as Concora, is to ensure that a potential customer has a good user experience.

This is where Concora shines. Our digital experience platform makes it easy for architects, engineers, and contractors to efficiently search, select, and specify building products for a project. If they can find what they need, they will most likely specify and purchase your products.


Here is a bit more about what Concora can do:

Drive product selection: Provide a purpose-built product selection experience for architects, engineers, contractors, and designers.

Deliver a frictionless commercial web experience: Offer an improved, holistic web presence that meets the needs of AEC professionals.

Improve time-to-market for product launches: Manage commercial content with ease for faster site and product launches.

Engage with customers in meaningful ways: Do more business online with tools created for your commercial customers.

Measure the success of product selection: Get robust analytics on product engagement, and deliver user insights and lead data to marketing, sales, and product teams.

Build a better sales pipeline with actionable customer intelligence: Convert more leads by integrating Concora with your CRM and other key sales and marketing tools.

When powered by Concora, your website becomes a feature-rich experience for architects, engineers, and designers to effortlessly find products to specify while allowing contractors to create high-quality, automated submittals. In return, you get high-quality leads, increased specifications, and commercial sales.


Want to learn more about Concora and if it would benefit your business?


We’d love to talk with you further about Concora and show you our demo. Contact us today to learn more.

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