Concora's Project Showcase: The Latest Feature to Increase Sales for Building Material Manufacturers.


Concora’s Project Showcase: The Latest Feature to Increase Sales for Building Material Manufacturers

Increase Sales



After months of research, preparation, and testing, Concora is thrilled to announce the release of Project Showcase!


If you think you’ve experienced a similar feature before, you’re in for a real treat. Our Project Showcase allows AECs to visual, research, create projects, and generate submittals from a single webpage.


Unlike other “showcases” that offer static images and unfriendly PDF content, Concora’s Project Showcase takes the digital portfolio to the next level.


  • VIDEOS – custom computer generated building renderings present products in diverse building projects
  • HIGHLIGHT PRODUCTS – display all selected products featured in existing projects
  • INTERACTIONS – downloadable content, 3D models, customized projects, and submittals, create high-quality (and trackable) leads


Through these innovative features, AECs will learn all of the ways to best implement your products, and this translates into more specifications and more commercial sales.

“70% of customers say understanding how they use products and services is very important to winning their business.”

Project Videos

Videos create engaging content. They also serve as the perfect advertisement for manufacturers to highlight their products. In order to get specified more, it’s imperative for architects to understand how building material products can be used in a variety of project categories. Highlight the features, uses, and types of projects that differentiate your products.


Highlight Select Products

In a world of digital content, a simple list of your available products will only get you so far. Instead, why not display some of your bestselling and top products in real-world projects? Why not display numerous products in a single case study, photo, or video?



When AECs can visualize your products, they have a more complete understanding of how they will aesthetically, functionally, and pragmatically fit into their projects. Once they decide to specify your products, Concora’s Project Showcase automates the submittal process.

“Two-thirds of a company’s competitive edge comes from its customer experience.”

Concora’s Project Showcase is Dually Beneficial

When you add our Project Showcase, you are upgrading your entire digital strategy.


“Digital transformation and a focus on customer experience can generate a 20-30% increase in customer satisfaction and economic gains of 20-50%.”


  • Your Customers’ Benefits…
    • Learn product uses
    • Download content
    • Visualize products in real projects
    • Create custom projects
    • Generate submittals


  • Your Benefits…
    • Gather high-quality leads
    • Educate and demonstrate product uses
    • Promote selected products
    • Build trust and exhibit professionalism
    • Customize your user experience
    • Increase specifications and commercial sales


Concora’s Project Showcase + You = Increased Commercial Sales

Bottom line, understanding products creates specification and sales success – and when you provide AECs with true understanding, there will necessarily be an increase in commercial sales.

Drive more product specifications