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Building Product Sales Lagging? Maybe It’s Your Website

Don't let lagging building product sales get you down. Here's how to get your commercial building materials website back on track.

As a building product manufacturer, your business hinges on your ability to make sales. Unfortunately, if your commercial building materials website isn’t converting browsers into buyers, you may not know why or what to do about it.

How do you increase website conversions? How do you make the most of your product specifications?

Here’s what could be causing those problems and how to get your commercial building materials website back on track.

Why Isn’t Your Commercial Building Materials Website Converting?

There are a few reasons why your website may not be converting into building product sales. Here are the most likely culprits:

1. You aren’t utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies including keyword research, content creation, content marketing and internal linking.

2. You don’t have any call-to-actions (CTAs), which are elements throughout your site that encourage users to take the next step in the buyer’s journey.

3. You provide users with too many options.

4. You don’t showcase the value of your commercial building materials through detailed product specifications.

5. You don’t have a mobile-friendly website.

How Do You Address These Issues?

There are clear ways to combat each of these obstacles, including technical products that can get your website converting.

1. Utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get started with an SEO campaign. For more background, read this post about how search impacts building product sales.

If you’ve already been working on your SEO, then let’s see if any of the other five issues are exacerbating your problems with conversion.

2. Make sure your call-to-action is clear

Implement calls-to-action (CTAs) on your website but avoid overwhelming your visitors. Examples of good CTAs include: “Buy Now,” “Download This eBook,” Sign-Up for Emails,” “Learn More” or “Click Here.”

3. Resolve purchasing process issues

If your online shopping process is preventing building product sales, create a better process. This will ensure that your web experience is intuitive for website visitors and will ultimately result in more conversions.

4. Provide options, but not too many

Options are great but some websites simply have too many. Your call to action button should be prominent and well-placed to help customers narrow their selection. Too many options, buttons, menus and pages can result in what’s called “analysis paralysis.”

When you’re attempting to make a sale, this is the worst-case scenario. Your potential customers are confronted with so many options that they have no idea which building material is right for them. To fix it, skim through your pages and ensure that there’s only one clear CTA on each page to keep the buyer’s journey streamlined.

5. Make the value clear

When customers don’t know the value of a product, they’re unlikely to purchase it. In building product sales, specification and value identification are essential. This is the point at which you can isolate the unique selling points of your products and what makes them stand out from your competition.

Concora can help you address this issue and drive a powerful online presence. It’s specifically designed to drive building product sales and help building product manufacturers reach architects, engineers, contractors and designers.

6. Improve a poor mobile experience

More than half of the world’s website traffic is generated by mobile phones, so you need to ensure that your building materials website works well for that audience. If your website isn’t mobile responsive — meaning your users get the same experience on a smartphone as they would on a desktop computer — then it could drag down your conversion rate. The best websites are those that allow customers to view products and purchase them within seconds no matter what device they’re using.

If this is an issue for your website, work with a website designer to increase your site’s mobile responsiveness.

Final Thoughts on Improving Building Product Sales on your Website

The goal of your commercial building materials website is to create conversions and generate sales. If it isn’t serving its purpose, it’s time to dig deeper and make changes.

Visit Concora to learn more about product specifications and how Concora Spec can help you capture new leads and insights.


Written By Candace Shackelford

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