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Fort Scott’s Top Employer Powers Website with Concora Spec

When a company has been selling building materials for 70 years, it’s doing something right. That’s the story behind Peerless Window & Doors. The building product manufacturer is well known for its high-performance aluminum residential and commercial windows.

“Windows are more than what you look through; they give you access to the world around you and choosing the right product can drastically change your quality of life” is their mantra.

Peerless Windows & Doors


Founded in Fort Scott, Kansas, in 1952, Peerless services other companies with aluminum building materials for new construction, renovation, and historical construction projects. Peerless has the distinction of adding a thermal strut to the inside of their products to provide the highest-rated energy performance in the industry.

They’re also members of the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA) and test all products to ensure they all meet the highest quality standards.


Generating manufacturing jobs in Fort Scott, Kansas

Their top priority is offering products that provide the best structural stability for construction projects. But at the heart of their success has been their firm mission to keep people employed here in America.


As the largest employer in Fort Scott, it’s not uncommon to find people who have been with the company for over thirty years, and there’s a reason. It’s not just somewhere to work, it’s a family you become a part of.

“We love to promote from within,” says Sarah Lero, Marketing Manager at Peerless. “Even the man who runs our Fort Scott plant, started in the factory and moved up and is now the plant manager.”


To deepen their roots in the community, Peerless proudly participates in community outreach programs. “Any time the city needs anything powder-coated [we stepped in to help],” Sarah explains. “We’ve powder-coated all the bike racks that they have, or different benches. Really just to try to donate to the community because we live and work here, so we want it to be a great place.”

Digital marketing for building materials

You may recall hearing Sarah featured on the Concora Corner podcast to discuss innovative ways to retain and inspire employees. With traditional ways of doing business changing rapidly during the pandemic, expectations became higher for Peerless customers. They are looking for a one-stop shop web experience.

That’s why when it came time to implement Concora Spec, it was “a no-brainer,” says Sarah. “The easy implementation process and whole user experience of the Concora platform [coupled with] how easy the team made it” helped to foster a wonderful partnership between the brands. “The Concora team did all the heavy lifting. We just had to provide the product information and overall plan.”

One of the main draws was Spec’s ability to be added onto a manufacturer’s existing website. No matter what page a customer lands on, the experience is seamless.


To drive even greater value, the platform not only houses all of the technical content a prospect would need, but it also captures their activity. Now Sarah has contact information for every lead that searches their products, and knows what they downloaded. By providing a single source with all information needed, it makes the online product specification process a cinch.

They’ve also added on Submittals to give their customers flexibility. Going forward, customers will have the ability to share what would traditionally be large, lengthy printed files as one single PDF.

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To see the new functionality in action, you can check out Peerless’s new Design Studio here. However, this is just the beginning of our partnership. We’ve fully joined their work family to ensure greater success to come. Follow along our journey to drive more product specifications for our community of customers. On Instagram, you can find Peerless @peerlessproducts and find us @concorasoftware on all social media platforms.  


Written By Candace Shackelford

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