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3 Ways the New Update Streamlines Online Submittals

We’ve changed the process for downloading submittals. The new improvements mean that we’ve reduced the time it takes to download large files and the process can be done quicker.

It’s really important to us that we provide a cutting-edge experience for our users, and that means constantly innovating to help you bring your customers the best online experience possible. To that end, we’re excited to announce that a new version of our platform is here and at the top of the list of our enhancements and stability improvements, we know you’re going to love the developments we’ve made for our Submittals users. In fact, the new process is much easier. With the end result (the actual Submittal), your customers won’t notice any difference at all, and that’s a good thing. However, when it comes to generating a submittal, there are new steps that your customers will see in their usual process.

Here are just a few advantages of the new online submittal process, available now.

Greater lead visibility

After a customer adds products, selects documents and edits the project to include building project details and their logo, they’ll reach Step 4, which previously was just a button to ‘Download Submittal’. While this process included less steps, the wait time and messaging was not optimal. As a response to customer feedback, we’ve added an email requirement that speeds up the process. This prompts all users (even guest users!) to enter an email address – adding even greater visibility into who your most qualified leads are and what they’re looking for.


Improved usability

In the past, when customers clicked ‘Generate Submittal’ there was no prompt to let them know to wait for the submittal to download. Now, there’s a new screen to let them know their submittal was successful and will soon appear in their inbox with a download link.

This creates a more intuitive experience, more communication and greater confidence in the process of doing business 100% online.

More customization options

In case you missed it in the last image, our platform now gives you even greater control over the information your customers see – making their experience more personal. Our goal is to make our web experience as branded to your business as possible. That’s why in addition to adding your branding to the ‘Submittal Successful’ screen, you’ll also have the ability to add your logo to the new email that let’s customers know their submittal is available for download.

We hope you love the new process. These new features are coming as the new year approaches along with many, many other improvements that we know will amplify the power of your website. As you’re ideating on new ways to drive more product specifications, we’re gearing up just in case. Got a feature request or a suggestion on how we can serve building product manufacturers better? We’d love to hear it. Leave a comment below! We’d love some inspiration.


Written By Candace Shackelford

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