Pioneer of Bio-renewable Chemical Products, Eco Safety Products, Advances Support for Sustainable Design with Concora and Ecomedes Partnership - Concora


Pioneer of Bio-renewable Chemical Products, Eco Safety Products, Advances Support for Sustainable Design with Concora and Ecomedes Partnership

Phoenix, Arizona – Eco Safety Products, the first and only specialty coatings manufacturer that incorporates renewably sourced ingredients into every product, today announced the availability of a game-changing website resource that will proactively assist the sustainable building community. Too often architects, interior designers and builders are overwhelmed with the time it takes to find, document, and design with the right choice of paints, stains and other coating materials that achieve all dimensions of sustainability without sacrificing value or performance. The new, free site will streamline this process and serve as a model for other innovative building product manufacturers with the same goals.

Digital Experience Platform developer Concora will implement and support the new platform, aligned to Eco Safety’s product offerings, to organize the manufacturer’s product data and facilitate the designer’s workflow around incorporating products into Revit and other building models. Concora will further integrate ecomedes’ industry-leading sustainable building product catalog into the Eco Safety Products site so that information about green certifications and contributions to rating systems, like LEED, are consolidated and available at the product level with one click.

For coating manufacturers, sustainability now means more than having a low or no VOC product. Eco Safety takes eco-friendliness further by significantly reducing petroleum content, and the effects of CO2 and other toxic emissions, through the use of renewable bio-based resins and other alternative technologies. Most of Eco Safety’s material resins are also made from waste stream byproducts or recycled content. Furthermore, Eco Safety’s advanced technologies reduce the amount of material and time required by up to 60%; most of the company’s coating products achieve up to 2 times the spread rate making them the lowest cost per square foot in their class.

“At Eco Safety, sustainability, value and performance drive our technology, development and supply chain methodology. However, to deliver in full on the value of our work, we need to translate our product attributes into information that can be easily incorporated into design processes, We have brought together Concora and ecomedes to help us better guide sustainable product selection, seamlessly integrate our products into design plans and models, and be more responsive to marketplace needs.”

– said John Bennett, Founder and CEO

“Our clients are increasingly demanding proof and reassurance that their buildings are considering all aspects of sustainable material selection, be that for carbon mitigation, energy or water efficiency, recycling and waste management or health of the inhabitants, This new site is a perfect example of how a sustainable building product manufacturer can help the design community scale efficiently to meet this demand.”

 – Design firm client

“AECs have told us they expect a clear pathway to timely product selection and specification. Easy access to BIM, documents, brochures, and sustainability certificates are essential, We’re honored to support Eco Safety Products in their mission to support the design process, and equally excited to partner with ecomedes to provide the most complete and detailed sustainability data for the Eco Safety product suite.”

 – said Kip Rapp, CEO of Concora

“Building owners, builders and designers dread the hunt for certification data that takes them to multiple sites that present data in formats that are hard to compare. Manufacturers like Eco Safety Products are stepping up to make their product data transparent and easy to use, It’s a smart move – through their investment in Concora and ecomedes, they will be rewarded with more insight into their customer’s needs and, as a result, with a more productive sales team.”

 – said Kathleen Egan, CEO of ecomedes

About Eco Safety Products

Eco Safety Products is a manufacturer of bio-renewable coatings & specialty chemicals that replicate performance characteristics of petrochemicals without the hazards.

The company’s goal since inception was to not only address V.O.C.’s (volatile organic compounds), but also to improve water based chemistry performance shortfalls without the need for toxic or carcinogenic ingredients. For more information, visit


About Concora

Concora helps building product manufacturers to get their building materials specified for use in commercial construction projects. With Concora’s Digital Experience Platform (DxP), manufacturers can provide a simplified buyer’s journey that meets the stringent requirements of commercial architects, engineers, and contractors (AEC) customers. Learn more about Concora at

About ecomedes

Ecomedes streamlines the processes of collection, maintenance, discovery, research, comparison, documentation, analysis and collaboration, for over 750,000 building products dynamically linked to over 35 different ecolabel certifications, across 10,000 manufacturing brands. Building owners, design teams and general contractors like the US General Services Administration, KMD Architects and DPR Construction use ecomedes to save valuable time researching and documenting product selections while ensuring that sustainability guidelines are met. As a result, ecomedes drives advances in building industry practices that support profit as well as people and planet.


Written By Candace Shackelford

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