How a Stellar Web Strategy and Website Help Architects Specify.


How a Stellar Web Strategy and Website Help Architects Specify and Purchase More of Your Building Products

Web Strategy

Commercial construction projects need building materials. It’s as simple as that. And when you consider that since 2018 the U.S. commercial construction industry valued at over 260 billion dollars? Yes, that’s right. $260,000,000,000? (That’s a lot of zeros!)

Take a second to think about how many building projects were required to reach that valuation. Then, imagine the sheer number of building materials and products required to support and complete those projects…well, the number is staggering! And how many of those jobs specified and purchased your products?

As a product manufacturer, you want (and need) your products specified and purchased. Not only does this translate into commercial growth, but it is key in building relationships. You already know this. But, what you might not realize is just how crucial your web strategy and website are in your overall success.

In order to have your building products specified and purchased, first and foremost, you must get and keep AECs (architects, engineers and contractors) on your website.

How a Great Web Presence Translates into More Commercial Sales

AECs are busy. They don’t have the time or inclination to dig through a disjointed, poorly-organized, or inefficient website. Luckily, an unwieldy website is easily rectified. And it starts by simply understanding how AECs think, what they value, and how your products fill their needs.

AECs value:

  • An easy to use website
  • Great technical content
  • Great tools

Fortunately, all of these highly-prized attributes can be attained with a great website.

Clarity, high-quality aesthetics, and efficiency come at the landing page. When you present a coherent and professional web presence from the start, you’re appealing to any AEC. They immediately know you’re serious and are beginning to build trust with your brand.

When you augment your website with readily available product information, rich content, high-quality images, automated submittals, and 3-D models, you’ve taken a good web experience and nascent user-trust, and started building a relationship.

Tailoring Your Website for Specifications and Commercial Sales

When your digital strategy embraces efficiency, agility, and ease-of-use, you speak any AECs language. In fact, there are many AECs, project owners, and companies will not (and cannot) devote any extra time to untangling or digging through your website. Additionally, commercial builders prefer to work with product manufacturers who are able to quickly accommodate any necessary project changes.

In this way, offering a tailored and approachable website captures both the AECs themselves, as well as, those working with them. If a change order can be quickly addressed through digital content and a generated submittal in a matter of minutes (rather than hours, days, weeks, or weeks) through your website, your company and your products will be specified and purchased more often.

Your Website is Your Digital Storefront

In the digital world, your online presence is your storefront. And what do storefronts do? They provide quick, easy, and direct access to products and services–assuming, that is that the storefront is organized, well-stocked, and has a knowledgeable sales team.

There’s a generally accepted (often true) statement that your website is a reflection of your product. If your website is problematic, it’s assumed your product will follow suit. Fortunately, there’s an easy to follow formula that promises a professional and well-received website and product.

An effective manufacturer’s website (“storefront”) has same three key features mentioned earlier: An easy to use website, meaningful content and great tools.

Easy to use. It’s a phrase thrown around a lot, and for good reason. Everyone (AECs included) expect a great user experience when they come to a website. After all, who wants to spend frustrated minutes (or hours) digging through disorganized, unresponsive, or unintuitive websites? The solution, make your products searchable, while offering an aesthetically pleasing and engaging experience.

Great content. Having a well-presented website isn’t enough. You must pack it full of meaningful and engaging content. In a product manufacturer’s case, that means 2D and 3D models, BIM, CAD, submittals, sustainability information, and specs.

Great tools. A beautifully rendered website with solid content is good, but in order to make it great, it’s necessary to implement the proper tools. When you offer great tools, they save time and yield higher quality deliverables. For example, building manufacturers must consider the needs of AECs: sustainability, product showcases, and submittals.

Concora Can Help Make Your Website as Great As Your Product

Concora’s platform makes your digital presence more intuitive and organized. When AECs can quickly and digitally access product content, create submittals, locate sustainability information, find 3D renderings, etc., their projects will be built faster and with less frustration. And when you make them more productive, they will reward you by specifying and purchasing your products.

Concora’s Digital Experience Platform bolts directly onto your website and easily allows AECs to do business online with you. It can be deployed in less than 30-days and you will have a great partner that understands your commercial goals and what’s needed to be specified and purchased more in today’s digital economy.

Concora believes in providing product manufacturers the best buyer experience for AECs. And when you get more traffic to your website and keep customers there, an increase in commercial specifications and purchases immediately follows.

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