Benefits of Online Visibility and Digital Strategy for Building Materials.


Benefits of Online Visibility and Digital Strategy for Building Materials Manufacturers

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Benefits of Online Visibility and Digital Strategy for Building Materials Manufacturers.


“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” – Branding pioneer Walter Landor.


Have you ever noticed that even the smallest of businesses nowadays have a vibrant online presence – often sophisticated, meaningful, and highly engaging for their customers or online visitors? If you are wondering why, well, it’s because B2B businesses have identified an array of reasons, for example, easy accessibility and the wonders of E-Commerce through their online presence. Owning a website is extremely easy now as more and more user-friendly, free content management systems help you to create a website that is best suited for your business.

Having your own website means you are entitled to receive a wider reach and audience than any other traditional form of advertising. Once you take the time out and build a good amount of traffic to your website, it will undoubtedly impact your marketing objectives and campaigns. Soon you will notice that you are spending next to nothing but, in turn, getting a lot of attention from your potential customers. Not only that, but now you are getting increased visibility that surpasses the amount of footfall that your brick-and-mortar shop will ever have.


Getting Specified in Projects through Online Visibility:

Most AEC professionals will carry out their research online, and your online presence and intelligent digital strategy for building materials manufacturers can make sure that you get specified in important building projects frequently! Your website is open at all times, making it easier for Specifiers and AEC professionals to check out your content at their convenience. New banners, interactive content, and bright visuals will also let your potential customers know the latest launches and innovations that you want to put out in the market. Your online shop will bring about a dramatic boost to your sales, now with the only challenge remaining fantastic online visibility.


Online Visibility and Digital Strategy for Building Materials Manufacturing Websites:

So, what is online visibility, you ask? It is just the presence of your brand and your products to the general consumer environment of AEC professionals, Specifiers, and the Design Community. You may have a great website, but your online visibility is the only factor that decides the number of visitors you will have on your web pages. The more your products are visible on the Google Search Bar, the higher the number of AEC professionals visiting your website. Turning your website visitor into your customer is an art, which requires crisp information, easily accessible content, and a user-friendly experience.


Benefits of Online Visibility and Digital Strategy for Building Materials Manufacturing Websites:

Your online presence and visibility determine new visitors, who we can also tag as potential customers. You see, when Architects, Engineers, Construction professionals search for a broad category of products to specify in submittals, they are always looking for purchase and inspiration. When you have an excellent online presence, it means that-


  • The Architects, Engineers, Construction professionals can find your website and products on their own
  • Your business automatically gains brand reputation, a unique identity of how your business is perceived in the marketplace
  • Your brand reputation will also help you stand out from your competitors in the marketplace


Concora’s Integrated Digital Experience Platform for Enhanced Online Visibility and Digital Strategy:

We at Concora strongly believe that a solid online presence helps your consumers develop a positive perception of your products and brand. You need to build a compelling brand reputation and communicate the value of your brand to the customers, thus ensuring long-term success for your brand.

Concora’s Digital Experience Platform helps you build a strong brand reputation in the market by taking care of the four pillars of brand equity.

  1. Creating Brand Awareness: Concora helps your products be visible to AEC professionals. Our integrated digital experience platform creates digital strategies that make it easy for Specifiers to land on your product.
  2. Credibility: To specify your products for projects, the AEC professionals need to be sure of the functionality of your product. Our latest launch, the Project Showcase feature, lets you showcase your products in actual projects via visual renderings. The diversity of use of your products will add credibility to your brand and mean that you get specified easily and stand out from the competition. Custom project creation settings, easily downloadable technical data, and one-click submittal (through unified PDF) will let you gain more happy customers.
  3. Reputation: We bring to you an Amazon-like experience that helps your customers compare specifications and match their requirements to exact products on your webpage. Besides, our digital experience platform lets your customer access BIM/CAD files and crisp content that encourage them to make a purchase. Whether you have a certificate to upload or you want to update your technical specifications – our DxP will help you manage all of your content in a centralized manner. When your webpage guarantees a smooth user experience, your one-time customers will inevitably turn into loyal consumers. Remember, your website’s performance gains you a positive reputation. It is how you make your customers feel while they search for products to specify!
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Concora’s integrated digital experience platform shares actionable insights so that your Sales team and CRM team stay at the top of their game. The DxP shares every step of the buyer’s journey so that you know the performance of each of your products. This presents the opportunity to make your website’s performance better day by day as you become a part of your customer’s journey.


Check out our Success Stories to know how Concora has helped building material manufacturers get specified more and more in building projects. To upgrade your digital strategy and brand visibility, talk to us or Book a Demo today!

You can also join our webinar “Getting Specified and Purchased in Today’s Digital Economy” to learn best practices for the Building Materials Manufacturing Industry





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