Concora and LockersMFG Announce Strategic Partnership.


Concora and LockersMFG Announce Strategic Partnership


LockersMFG Launches Branded Digital Experience Platform Powered by Concora; Streamlines Content, Accelerates Product Specifications, and Increases Sales



Concora, developer of the commercial building products industry’s only Digital Experience Platform designed specifically for commercial building product manufacturers; and LockersMFG, leading manufacturer of premium metal lockers and superior smart locker solutions, announced today that the two companies have formed a strategic partnership. This business alliance begins with the successful launch of LockersMFG’s digitally curated technical product content management platform, which provides Architects, Engineers, and Contractors (AECs) and specifiers a simple method to search, select, and specify commercial building products.

“Looking directly to what the AEC community needs , we chose Concora to help our company grow and thrive in the construction community. We look forward to see all the hard work succeed.”

Keith Dunham, CEO, LockersMFG


“With working directly to what the AEC Community needs and looking at multiple sources, we chose Concora to help our company grow and thrive in the construction community. We look forward to this upcoming year and to see all the hard work succeed.” – Keith Dunham, CEO, LockersMFG

The Concora Digital Experience Platform (DxP) enhances the everyday user experience for Lockers MFG’s primary commercial customers. The Concora DxP functions as a branded and integrated extension of LockersMFG’s website. It includes product selection and project submittal tools and makes overall specification and purchasing much easier for key buyers.


“The staff and team at Concora have been beyond amazing to work with; their organization and communication have been spot-on with telling me what is needed.” – Cassy French, Marketing Manager, LockersMFG


A core part of LockersMFG’s web experience includes access to accurate and comprehensive digital product content. Concora’s DxP platform has aided LockersMFG with streamlining the distribution of all product related digital content and the management of its Building Information Modeling (BIM) content, primarily their Revit product models. Additional support was provided by the generation of high-quality Revit models of LockersMFG’s top selling products. These will provide designers in the architectural and construction industries an invaluable representation of LockersMFG’s products in terms of design documentation via data rich models, space planning via accurate form, and hi-resolution materials via renderings and dynamic (VR) visualizations.


LockersMFG’s technical product content is managed and maintained via an intuitive back-end dashboard, which makes it easy to add, remove, or edit product information. The back-end makes it simple to upload BIM files, documents, and product images. Combined, these features will help LockersMFG save money and time on internal and third-party BIM content creation and will equip its core buyers with the accurate specs and modeling information needed for product specification.

“AECs have told us they expect a clear pathway to timely product selection and specification. Easy access to BIM, documents, brochures, and sustainability certificates are essential,” said Kip Rapp, CEO of Concora. “We’re excited to align with LockersMFG to create BIM content and the Digital Experience Platform, all of which core buyers can leverage during the design phase of commercial construction projects.”


The Concora DxP also provides sales teams real-time access to detailed metrics and analytics that streamline internal lead generation tactics and helps sales and marketing teams uncover true purchasing intent: BIM content downloads, unique visits, project submittals, and user contact information. Architects, engineers, contractors, and specifiers interested in seeing how LockersMFG’s building product materials are now presented online are invited to visit


About Concora

Concora helps building product manufacturers to get their building materials specified for use in commercial construction projects. With Concora’s Digital Experience Platform (DxP), manufacturers can provide a simplified buyer’s journey that meets the stringent requirements of commercial architects, engineers, and contractors (AEC) customers. Learn more about Concora at


About LockersMFG

In a word, LockersMFG is a reliable manufacturer of premium lockers made from metal. Also, LockersMFG produces superior smart locker solutions. Established in 2013, at first, LockersMFG worked exclusively with Fortune 500 companies. Presently, we have expanded our offerings to the specification market. Above all, LockersMFG wants to be the locker company of choice for all architects. With this purpose in mind, our team wants to work with all designers to become the basis of design on every project. To learn more about LockersMFG, please visit

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