Concora and Buechel Stone Announce Strategic Partnership.


Concora and Buechel Stone Announce Strategic Partnership

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Buechel Stone Launches Branded Digital Experience Platform Powered by Concora; Streamlines BIM Content Creation, Accelerates Specifications, and Increases Sales


Buechel StoneConcora, developer of the commercial building products industry’s only Digital Experience Platform designed specifically for commercial building product manufacturers; and Buechel Stone, leading natural stone supplier of real full and thin stone veneers, stone panels, architectural cut stone, and landscape stone accompanied by expertise and best experiences in the industry, announced today that the two companies have formed a strategic partnership. This business alliance begins with the successful launch of Buechel Stone’s digitally curated technical product content management platform, which provides Architects, Engineers, and Contractors (AECs) and specifiers a simple method to search, select, and specify commercial building products.

“Adding the Concora platform really fits with our mission and vision of being a first choice for architects and designers by ensuring an intuitive interface for easily sourcing all technical BIM and visualization content for making it simple to specify Buechel Stone for their projects.”

Mike Buechel, COO of Beuchel Stone

“Our mission is to deliver the best experience possible for our clients, from exceptional selections of natural stone to unparalleled service in the industry,” said Mike Buechel, COO of Buechel Stone. “Adding the Concora platform really fits with our mission and vision of being a first choice for architects and designers by ensuring an intuitive interface for easily sourcing all technical BIM and visualization content for making it simple to specify Buechel Stone for their projects.” The Concora Digital Experience Platform (DxP) enhances the everyday user experience for Buechel Stone’s primary commercial customers. The Concora DxP functions as a branded and integrated extension of Buechel Stone’s website. It includes product selection and project submittal tools and makes overall specification and purchasing much easier for key buyers.

“We are thrilled to be able to enhance our website experience with the inclusion of the Concora platform,” added Brianne Lisowe-Johnson, Marketing Specialist at Buechel Stone. “Working with the expert team at Concora to create this portal has proven to be an efficiently organized process, which will be reflected in the value added to users through the ease of accessing and utilizing all of the resources necessary to support every type of natural stone project, from start to finish.”

A core part of Buechel Stone’s web experience includes access to accurate and comprehensive digital product content. Concora’s DxP platform has aided Buechel Stone with streamlining the distribution of all product related digital content and the management of its building information modeling (BIM) content creation – primarily their Revit assets. Additional support was provided by the generation of high resolution, seamless material image files of the various building stone veneers and cut stone patterns. This will provide designers in the architectural, landscaping, and construction industries an accurate representation of Buechel Stone’s real stone masonry products in support of both design documentation as well as static renderings and dynamic (VR) visualizations.

Buechel Stone’s technical product content is managed and maintained via an intuitive back-end dashboard, which makes it easy to add, remove, or edit product information. The back-end makes it simple to upload BIM files, documents, and product images. Combined, these features will help Buechel Stone save money and time on internal and third-party BIM content creation and will equip its core buyers with the accurate specs and modeling information needed for product specification.

buechel stone primary“AECs have told us they expect a clear pathway to timely product selection and specification. Easy access to BIM, documents, brochures, and sustainability certificates are essential,” said Kip Rapp, CEO of Concora. “We’re excited to align with Buechel Stone to create BIM content and the Digital Experience Platform, all which core buyers can leverage during the design phase of commercial construction projects.”

The Concora DxP also provides sales teams real-time access to detailed metrics and analytics that streamline internal lead generation tactics and helps sales and marketing teams uncover true purchasing intent: BIM content downloads, unique visits, project submittals, and user contact information. Architects, engineers, contractors, and specifiers interested in seeing how Buechel Stone’s building product materials are now presented online are invited to visit


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Concora helps building product manufacturers to get their building materials specified for use in commercial construction projects. With Concora’s Digital Experience Platform (DxP), manufacturers can provide a simplified buyer’s journey that meets the stringent requirements of commercial architects, engineers, and contractors (AEC) customers. Learn more about Concora at


About Buechel Stone

Courage – that’s pretty much all Francis & Alyce Buechel had to rely on when they converted their 125-acre family farm to a quarry and founded Buechel Stone in 1964. With sweat, equity, and the conviction to literally “bet the farm”, growth was pivotal. Ma & Pa Buechel were determined to succeed. Somehow along the way, everyone became part of something bigger – not to be measured in increments of tons or square feet of stone veneers. Buechel Stone pioneered some pretty incredible innovations – built on the simple Vision of being the natural stone company all others measure themselves against in sales, service, selection, and satisfaction. Today, we live by a greater Mission: providing the best, most dependable experience in the natural stone industry – guaranteed! To learn more about Buechel Stone, please visit

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