Streamline the Submittal Process: Let Concora Show You How


Streamline the Submittal Process: Let Concora Show You How

The submittal process is an essential aspect of the commercial building project. Building product manufacturers, architects, engineers, and contractors all rely on accurate and timely submittals to ensure projects run smoothly. “Timely submittal, RFI, and change order processing is imperative for success. Delays with these items increases undue financial and scheduling burdens on the GCs.” – Contractor quote from The Architect’s Journey to Specification ‘22.

Concora has developed a platform that streamlines the submittal process, saving time, reducing errors, and improving collaboration between all parties involved.


What are submittals?

Submittals are documents submitted by contractors during the bidding or approval process for a building project. These documents typically include product specifications, datasheets, drawings, and other technical information. They are presented to the architects and/or owners of a project to demonstrate that the proposed plans and materials match the details or specifications of the contracted design.




Current challenges with the submittal process

The traditional submittal process tends to be manual, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Key challenges include:

  1. Difficulty finding product documentation on manufacturer’s websites.
  2. Missing or inaccurate content, that might be out of date provided by a sales representative or third-party aggregate site.
  3. Time-consuming collation of documentation.


Automating the submittal process

Concora Spec, offers a submittal solution as an extension of its software platform. The submittal package is generally comprised of three components – the cover page, technical specifications, and supporting information. 

The cover page supplies basic project information for collaborators, touching on aspects such as what the project entails, its location, and the involved stakeholders like the general contractor, architect, and contractor.

By collecting this information in variable fields, Concora is able to populate and output a pdf that is consistent, complete, and professional with the manufacturer’s logo to support branding. 

Gathering the technical support documents and file types (e.g. drawings, images) can be the most time-consuming task to any submittal package. Using checkboxes to select multiple documents and having a predetermined page order logic help reduce the time spent to only a few minutes. 

The package can be zipped together with all required documentation and the predetermined page logic will help automate the creation of a unified pdf with the cover page and digitally-glued technical support documentation.  


What does this mean for you?

Concora Spec’s submittal feature offers numerous benefits, including:

  1. Seamless integration with the manufacturer’s website.
  2. A streamlined process for contractors and sales, saving time and reducing errors.
  3. Improved lead generation and conversion for manufacturers.
  4. Enhanced collaboration between manufacturers, architects, engineers, and contractors.


How can Concora help?

As a dedicated web experience platform, Concora Spec can help building product manufacturers drive more commercial business by catering to the online needs of architects, engineers, and contractors. By offering a more efficient and user-friendly submittal process, manufacturers can enhance their reputation, increase lead generation, and ultimately grow their business.

Concora Spec’s Submittal Generator revolutionizes the submittal process for building product manufacturers by streamlining workflows, reducing errors, and enhancing collaboration. Building product manufacturers can provide an improved experience for architects, engineers, and contractors, leading to increased business opportunities and a stronger market presence.

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