An Innovative Approach: How AEP Span is thinking outside the box


An Innovative Approach: How AEP Span is thinking outside the box

For over 50 years, AEP Span has been a staple in the metal roofing and siding industry, providing architects with the tools to design innovative built environments where people can live, work, learn, and play. Their unparalleled commitment to quality has made them a trusted name in the business. To enhance their product specifications and increase submittals, AEP Span partnered with Concora and implemented their flagship product, Spec.


Through the Concora platform, AEP Span was provided with a streamlined product selection experience for their design community, making it easy to access technical content management with the click of a button. Real-time access to detailed models and files ensured that designers could rely on AEP Span’s quality metal roofing and siding. Empowering architects to design and build with confidence, knowing that they were utilizing the very best products on the market.


Concora Spec has emerged as a game-changing platform for AEP Span, bringing to the table a host of benefits that go beyond the obvious. In addition to uncovering true purchasing intent, AEP Span has discovered a unique use case for the platform – the ability to locate construction sites where their products are currently being installed.


Using Concora Spec, AEP Span has been able to process project saves and submittals, allowing them to pinpoint construction sites where their products are being installed. By capturing high-quality images of their products in action, AEP Span can use these visuals to promote their products and build stronger relationships with their customers. These images not only showcase the company’s products but also highlight their practical applications, which can be a powerful selling point for potential customers.


Looking towards the future, AEP Span plans to leverage these images in their marketing campaigns and on their website, providing potential customers with a visual representation of how their products can withstand the test of time and weather conditions. The company also plans to utilize time-lapse photos to showcase the durability and longevity of their products, further highlighting their quality and value to potential customers.


These visual representations, combined with the insights provided by Concora Spec, have opened up new opportunities for AEP Span to tailor their campaigns and showcase the practical applications of their products to potential customers. The integration of Concora Spec into AEP Span’s workflow has been incredibly successful. The tool has made the process of gathering information about construction projects more efficient and accurate, helping AEP Span gain a better understanding of their product usage. Architects can rest assured that they are designing with the best materials when they choose AEP Span’s quality metal roofing and siding products. AEP Span’s commitment to innovation and quality continues to make them a leader in the industry.


I would have never had known this project existed if it hadn’t been for Concora

Jennifer Savage – Graphic Design Specialist, AEP Span

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