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Edgewood Group Found the Perfect Partner for Reaching the A&D Community

Edgewood Group uses Concora Spec to build an online Design Studio for architects, designers and engineers.

When selecting flooring for commercial use, most architects and designers (A&D) look for a blend of beauty and durability. They’re looking for building materials that will withstand the rigorous wear and tear of regular foot traffic and won’t require frequent replacement. Enter Edgewood Group, a renowned matting and flooring company based in Canada.

Edgewood Group has been supplying commercial matting and athletic flooring for more than 40 years. As a result, they’re an authority on everything from basic entrance matting to high-end athletic solutions.

Edgewood is a flooring manufacturer based in Canada.

And that’s not the only thing that sets them apart from the competition. The Edgewood team, working with Concora, has recently built out a new online experience that fully supports the future of digital design to meet the needs of their customers.

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Evolving with the digital age

Edgewood recognized the need to keep up with industry trends and implement new ways to reach the architecture and design (A&D) community. Edgewood wanted to stay relevant but also meet new requirements for accurate, on-demand BIM files. They now use Concora Spec to power the new Edgewood Design Studio with product information, technical documents, certifications and more. 

“We investigated several avenues and Concora was the best fit to get our products in front of the architectural and design community. After only a few weeks of being online we have already seen an increase in specification and product interest. This has allowed us access to new projects in a much more streamlined approach; freeing up our sales force.”  – Rob Unrau, product specialist.

Edgewood’s corporate website now features a new button on the home page that alerts their customers to the new functionality available.

Edgewood found the ability to house all their product resources in a single location particularly appealing. The team also benefits from the option to update their content on the fly, even their BIM files. It’s also helping them meet business goals.

“Edgewood controls how this goes out to our contacts,” says Rob. “We are already seeing leads being generated. [Our] goal is simply to get products specified by the A&D community, and we have seen that occur even with a very small sample size.” 

Easy implementation from the start

 At Concora, we pride ourselves on creating a smooth and efficient onboarding process, whether you need a place to house BIM content or services to support it. In Edgewood’s case, this meant duplicating as many resources from their existing website as possible. Our goal is always to lessen the workload for our partners and facilitate an easy transition.

“[The Concora team] walked us through every step,” says Rob. “Your team was really easy to work with and professional throughout the set-up process. Top notch.” 

“Our rep was very eager and quick to resolve issues or errors, as well as flexible when our processes were delayed,” says Makenzie Earl, Marketing Coordinator at Edgewood.

The partnership continues

Now that the Edgewood Design Studio is live, we’re excited to monitor progress together and continually optimize the experience for their customers. We look forward to sharing their journey. You can follow us on social everywhere @ConcoraSoftware and follow Edgewood here.


Written By Candace Shackelford

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