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How Building Product Manufacturers Can Unlock Potential With the Right Online Presence

Concora Company News - Venveo Partnership - Press Release

Atlanta, Georgia — November 30, 2021 – Concora, a SaaS brand known for creating the very first web experience specifically built for architects, engineers, contractors and designers, and Venveo, a digital marketing agency dedicated the same audience, today announced a partnership that will provide end-to-end solutions to help building product manufacturers (BPMs) build an online presence that drives results.

“At Venveo, we believe a manufacturers’ online presence should be their best salesperson,” said Zach Williams, Founder and CEO of Venveo. “That is why we are excited to collaborate with Concora to help manufacturers see a return from their online efforts as they grow leads, drive sales and outperform their competition.”

The partnership will build on Concora’s mission to power the new way of doing business online for building product manufacturers. A solid and reliable website often translates into a better customer experience, higher quality leads and more product specifications.

“With Venveo partnering with manufacturers to drive more leads to their websites, our goal is to ensure that their audience can easily find all of the relevant product data needed to specify products when they get there,” said Eric Snyder, CEO of Concora.

“We know that our solutions help our commercial customers drive greater revenue from the product specification process, and Venveo is well-versed on reaching the right audience with our web experience.”

As part of the partnership, BPMs will gain access to a one-stop-shop for all of their digital marketing needs without the need for an internal marketing team. Whether looking for a full website redesign or a way to generate more brand awareness and higher quality leads, BPMs will be excited to take advantage of the best of these companies.

Concora and Venveo will also collaborate on a webinar series to educate BPMs on the buyer journey and creating the best online experience that garners brand loyalty, customer trust and increased revenue.

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Written By Candace Shackelford

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