Concora and Edgewood Announce Strategic Partnership



Edgewood launches its Digital Experience Platform powered by Concora to streamline product selections and accelerate specifications, sales

Concora, developer of the commercial building products industry’s only Digital Experience Platform, and Edgewood, a wholesaler of high-quality athletic flooring and commercial entrance products in Canada, announced today that both companies have formed a strategic partnership. Edgewood is a full-service wholesaler of commercial entrance products and athletic flooring.

This business alliance begins with the recent and successful commercial launch of Edgewood’s brand new Digital Experience Platform technology, which core architects, engineers and contractors (AECs) can access via Edgewood’s corporate website. The Digital Experience Platform — which serves as an expansive and detailed product information hub for Edgewood’s web visitors — not only serves as a branded extension of the Edgewood corporate website, it also provides architects, engineers and contractors with a simpler method for searching, selecting and specifying its commercial building products.

“AECs are starting to expect to be able to visit websites to get all information needed for specification. Manufacturers have to adapt to keep up, or they run the risk of losing business.”

— Eric Snyder

“We’ve been experiencing a fundamental shift in the way building product manufacturers work with AECs, Due to the pandemic, AECs are starting to expect to be able to visit websites to get all information needed for specification. Manufacturers have to adapt to keep up, or they run the risk of losing business. Edgewood is just another great example of how our solutions help save time cross functionally.”

— Eric Snyder, CEO of Concora.
The Digital Experience Platform equips Edgewood with technical content management and an intuitive product selection experience for its design community. Further, its sales and marketing team have real-time access to detailed metrics and analytics, including product asset downloads, unique visits, project-related inquiries and user contact information. These tools enrich its lead generation pipeline, uncover true purchasing intent, and drive sales.
“Now more than ever, our design community requires a digitally-driven product selection experience that accelerates its projects and removes unnecessary barriers,With competition so widespread, one critical gap in the user’s product selection experience could mean lost opportunities. Concora’s Digital Experience Platform closes those gaps in our long-term sales and marketing strategies.”
— said Shaun Collins, General Manager at Edgewood.
In return, Edgewood’s design community has access to a plethora of technical product content — specifications, warranty information, installation and maintenance documents, and BIM/Revit content — and project management tools that accelerate product selections and increase the likelihood of bid invitations and specifications.
“Having our core Edgewood products and associated technical documentation housed in one central location for designers, including user history and activities, gives us a competitive edge for specification.”
— Concludes Collins.
Architects, engineers, contractors and specifiers interested in seeing how Edgewood’s vast lineup of commercial entrance and athletic flooring solutions are now presented online are invited to visit]

About Concora

Concora helps building product manufacturers to get their building materials specified for use in commercial construction projects. With Concora’s Digital Experience Platform (DxP), manufacturers can provide a simplified buyer’s journey that meets the stringent requirements of commercial architects,
engineers, and contractors (AEC) customers.

About Edgewood

Since 1979, Edgewood has been a wholesaler of high-quality commercial entrance and flooring products in Canada. With a warehouse and head office located in Edmonton, Alberta, and two warehouses in Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia, they provide excellent service to dealers anywhere in Canada.

Housed within their Edmonton location is their sister company, Hydrosion Design, which is a water-jet cutting business. This relationship allows Edgewood to customize products to suit a customer’s dreams and requirements.

The heart of Edgewood is team-oriented, grown from the belief that each team member is a respected and valued asset that makes Edgewood Uniquely Better. Edgewood supports the growth of each person in the organization and assists them in reaching their full potential.

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