How Superior Concrete Products Increased Commercial Sales of Concora.


How Superior Concrete Products Increased Commercial Sales with Concora

How Superior Concrete Products Increased Commercial Sales using Concora’s Digital Experience Platform

Superior Concrete Products is a leading designer, manufacturer, and installer of the most innovative turnkey precast solutions on the market. As a member of the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) member, it proudly provides NPCA-certified precast materials across the country for nearly four decades. With extensive experience and years of dedication, Superior Concrete Products has become the go-to choice for fast, durable, beautiful, and affordable fencing and wall solutions.

Challenges and Goals

Superior Concrete wanted to increase product awareness of their screening walls, rail fences, and retaining walls for the utilities- commercial, municipal, residential, and government marketplaces to generate more commercial sales.

“When I go onto my administrative link into Concora, I’m able to see what people are looking at. I can understand who my potential customers are and what product they are interested in.”

–-Marc Leunis, Marketing Leader

In regards to architects, engineers, and contractors (AECs), they were looking to enhance their online presence with a stellar website experience, making specifying and purchasing their products easier.

Additionally, since there were no Trade Shows in 2020, Superior Concrete Products had to think even more innovatively than before. Due to their proactiveness, they addressed the health and safety of their employees, while continuing to acquire new customers and met existing customers’ needs. And in order to do so, they knew they required a great online presence.

The Concora Solution

Knowing its reputation for improving and enhancing commercial builders’ digital strategy, Superior Concrete Products partnered with Concora. They added the Concora Design Studio to their website, which allowed them to access specs easily, request quotes, and automate their submittal process.

“We’ve seen an increase in commercial leads and bid invitations by 25%.”

–-Marc Leunis

Understanding how COVID changed the landscape, they reallocated funds to online media and Concora. When they partnered with Concora, they were able to take advantage of Concora’s web experience platform, transforming their website to a digital storefront specifically targeting AECs.

Concora’s Commercial Portal bolted directly onto Superior Concrete Products’ website, allowing for intuitive product searching, automated submittals, product content management, increased high quality lead generation, and product specs.

Additionally, when they partnered with Concora, Superior Concrete Products were also able to work with Concora’s digital agency partner, Lodestar, which was able to leverage SEO/SEM to increase traffic (potential customers). And 85% of that traffic went to Concora, where AECs could find what they needed to specify and purchase their products.

Superior Concrete Products recognized that SEO/SEM alone wasn’t as valuable as it could be. So, they sought to support digital AEC buyer journeys to specify and purchase their products through Concora’s digital experience platform.

The Results

Superior Concrete Products is still in the early stages of its partnership with Concora, however it’s fair to say that Concora has increased its commercial leads by 25%. And they’ve already seen a website traffic increase of 125%, of which 85% of its inquiries processed through Concora.

Most significantly, after implementing Concora’s platform, Superior Concrete Products has seen a 15% increase in commercial sales.

“I’m thrilled with the results we are achieving…Sales are up and our sales force is happy.”

–-Marc Leunis

With Concora’s innovative lead generation and intuitive buyer journey, when AECs visited their website, they encountered a well-organized and user-friendly site, which translated into 66% of visitors spending a substantial amount of time viewing products, downloading brochures, and viewing their gallery.

What’s Next?

Superior Concrete Products recently added animated videos demonstrating the benefits of their walls versus CMU block, metal, or wood walls. These are helping developers visualize and engage with their products.

And with the launch of Concora’s newest feature, Project Showcase, they will be able to add 3D rendering of their products inside CGI environments, which is important to AECs because they are visual people. And by implementing Project Showcase, Superior Concrete Products can promote featured materials, educate AECs even more about their products, and add a call-to-action through digital submittals.

About Superior Concrete Products

The benefits of Superior Concrete Products’ precast concrete fence and wall systems include: decades of durability; maximum privacy and security; noise reduction; resistance to the elements; cost-effective installation; cost-effective construction; natural beauty; and are technology proven.

To learn more about Superior Concrete Products and how they can help make your next project even better, contact them at

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