Enrich Your Sales Pipeline with Concora’s New Salesforce Integration


Enrich Your Sales Pipeline with Concora’s New Salesforce Integration

With Concora Spec, building product manufacturers can capture user and project insights that facilitate sales cycles—and with our latest software release, they can now sync that detailed lead data with Salesforce

This automated process allows manufacturers to arm their sales teams with qualified, valuable, contextual intelligence volunteered by users who converted via their website.

In this article, we’ll talk about how the Salesforce/Concora integration works, why we built it, and why it’s valuable to manufacturers. You can also watch our Salesforce integration video walkthrough.

How does a user become a lead?

1. Incentive

In a previous blog, my colleague discussed how manufacturers can capture valuable user data through their websites. First, you have to provide a good reason for your users to share their information. In this case, your users are architects, engineers, contractors and designers who want easy access to high-quality product content, like BIM, as well as tools that will make their jobs easier, like projects and submittals automation. 

These incentives compel a user to register on your website, or exchange their contact information for access to the content and tools you offer.

2. Conversion

Once a user registers, Concora not only captures their personal data—like name, email, phone number, and company name—but also any conversion behavior that indicates purchase intent. For example, a user who downloads multiple files or creates a submittal is signaling a high level of interest in your products. These insights open the door for timely sales conversations with actively engaged prospects.

3. Integration

Prospect information loses its power without automation to distribute it effectively. If you have to manually upload new lead data to your CRM, you’re wasting your time and the time your sales team could be calling on hot leads.

That’s why we built our Salesforce integration feature. With it, the valuable user, project, and conversion data captured flows automatically to your Salesforce, enriching your contact database in real time.

Armed with this knowledge, your sales team can lead more productive and more proactive conversations with architects, engineers, contractors and designers—which ultimately leads to more closed deals.

How does Salesforce integration work?

Our Salesforce integration feature sends converted user data from Spec directly into Salesforce. We can configure the integration to match your unique Lead schema and map any purchase intent activity or high-value user data you want to track. For example, whenever users create and manage projects, use project tools, or download technical content, all of this data will automatically appear in your Salesforce.

As soon as this data is transferred to Salesforce, a new record is created. This can be set up to trigger a new lead notification, so that your sales team receives a constant flow of highly detailed, contextualized lead information they can use to strike while the iron is hot and carry smarter sales conversations. 

Build a better sales pipeline with data

If you aren’t capturing leads via your website, or you aren’t distributing those leads to your CRM effectively, then you’re missing out on sales opportunities, plain and simple.

Many companies activate Salesforce because they know they should have a CRM, but they often lack a robust strategy for long-term value extraction. Our lead capture and integration software seeks to help manufacturers leverage Salesforce’s capabilities more effectively, so they can lead better sales conversations.

With this integration, you can enable your sales team to gain significantly more insight into your prospects and customers without having to manually enter any data into your Salesforce. You will have access to real-time insights into construction projects, submittal data and purchase intent to produce more meaningful conversations and conversions for your sales team.

To get started with Spec, request a demo and a product expert will set up a discovery call at your earliest convenience.

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