What Every Manufacturer Should Know About LEED v4.1


You finally caught up to LEED v4.0 – whew!  You might have updated product sustainability info on your website, maybe even have some EPDs or Declare labels available for download, and now the requirements are evolving again.

Recently LEED v4.1 has emerged.  Although it is currently focused on defining new standards for existing buildings, it is also intended to become the framework for the next evolution of new construction.

Who is responsible for keeping up with it all?  Well, if you have responsibility for sustainability or digital marketing then the answer is YOU.  So here’s where you start…

The following current LEED v4.1 Operations + Maintenance credit sets the stage for changes made to the Materials and Resources category as it relates to New Construction projects, and every Building Product Manufacturer should be updated on what LEED v4.1 currently promotes when it comes to sustainable building products.

NEW Materials and Resources Credit – Purchasing. This directly impacts O+M projects for existing buildings and interior projects. There is a reorganized structure of this credit that combined the Purchasing- Ongoing, Purchasing – Lamps, and Facility maintenance and credits. Key takeaway for Manufacturers: Option 2 deals with Building Products, which looks at the following frameworks and product certifications manufacturers can achieve to help project teams with this LEEDv4.1 credit:

  1. Recycled materials and products can still follow U.S. EPA CPG Guidelines
  2. 3rdparty EPDs that prove impact reductions below industry averages
  3. Cradle to cradle v3 or newer
  4. HPDs third party certified
  5. Declare label must indicate all ingredients have been evaluated and disclosed down to 1000 ppm.
  6. ANSI/BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard
  7. Product Lens certification
  8. GreenScreen v1.2 Benchmark
  9. Extended producer responsibility. Products purchased from a manufacturer (producer) that participates in an extended producer responsibility program or is directly responsible for extended producer responsibility
  10. FSC-certified wood
  11. Bio-based products must meet the Sustainable Agriculture Network’s Sustainable Agriculture Standard
  12. Zero Waste Manufacturing: Products are made from manufacturers that have achieved certification of their waste minimization during operations. Acceptable certifications include third-party verified TRUE (zero waste certification) and UL Standard 2799.
  13. Low formaldehyde for composite wood must meet California Air Resources Board requirements (CARB)
  14. Low emissions of volatile organic compounds for products other than furniture must be compliant in accordance with California Department of Public Health Standard Method v1.2–2017, using the applicable exposure scenario
  15. Low emissions of volatile organic compounds for furniture: Products must have been tested, following ANSI/BIFMA Standard Method M7.1-2011, and must comply with ANSI/BIFMA e3-2011 Furniture Sustainability Standard 7.6.2
  16. EPEAT/ENERGY STAR labeled electronic products

If keeping up with all this seems challenging, ecoScorecard makes it easy:

  • A simple and elegant user experience that can be white labeled and in the manufacturers’ brand
  • Captures a manufacturer’s product data for the rating systems that matter most (over 40 and counting), and continues to keep up with evolving standards
  • Allows the AEC to search, find and compare the products that will contribute the most to their project
  • Download all the documentation needed for their submittal, in just a few clicks.

Are you ready to supply your customers with the sustainability information they desire but don’t know where to begin? Schedule a consultation with one of our sustainability experts and learn how the ecoScorecard platform can help you accomplish your sustainability goals and gain credibility in your customers’ eyes today.

For a complete look at all the LEED v4.1 updates from the USGBC, you can visit

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