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Cherokee Brick partners with Concora to grow commercial sales by making it easier for architects, engineers and contractors to do online business with them.


Established in 1877, Cherokee Brick manufactures a wide variety of environmentally friendly bricks for both commercial and residential buildings.

“This platform has paid for itself ten times over.“ - Sonja Tillman, Director of Marketing


“I was looking for a company that could help me provide a great web experience for my design community that would lead to increased specification and sales.” -Sonja Tillman, Director of Marketing Cherokee Brick

Cherokee Brick’s current website was not well designed to enable the AEC buyer journey. Visitors are not tracked and there was no viable way for AEC’s to contact

Cherokee Brick pertaining to products or vis-a-versa.

They had no internal tools or manpower to manage or create their technical product content.

Additionally, these detriments were restrictive in terms of aiding their online marketing strategy or generating any lead generation whatsoever from their website.


The Team at Concora set out to help Cherokee Brick by executing the following objectives:

Have a great web experience
Allows architects, engineers and contractors to easily find and select Cherokee Brick’s products.

Increase specification and sales
Cherokee Brick must gain visibility on which architects, engineers and contractors are visiting their website. Sending these leads to the sales team will ensure product specification and sales.

Easy way to manage and publish product content
Make it easy to publish important content needed by the design community such as BIM, CAD, specs, etc.

"This platform has paid for itself ten times over." - Sonja Tillman, Director of Marketing

Success Story of Cherokee Brick

“We see potential customers visiting our website that we’ve never met before. I can send these leads to my sales team all over the country and I can say, ‘hey I don’t see this name in the list of architects we work with or distributors that we work with. This platform has paid for itself 10 times over.” -Sonja Tillman, Director of Marketing Cherokee Brick

Concora Solution

Concora deployed Cherokee Brick’s DXP within 30 days complete with internally built high quality technical product content including 25 from scratch Revit files and optimized images for Cherokee Brick’s products.

The Concora team trained the members of Cherokee Brick’s team during this time to be fully self-sufficient utilizing the DXP.

The Impact

25% Increased in Organic Web Leads
By making it easier for architects and designers to find important technical content, Concora substantially increase web based lead generation.

77% Increased in Productivity
Concora made it easy for Cherokee’s Marketing group to quickly manage and publish important technical content such as BIM, CAD, specs, etc.

9.8 NPS Score
Cherokee was extremely happy working with the Concora team and was thoroughly impressed with the quality, attention to detail and timelines of delivery.

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