Concora shares Amazing Success Story of Dinoflex.




High-quality rubber flooring systems

Dinoflex partners with Concora to grow commercial sales
by making it easier for customers to do business with them online.


Dinoflex relied more on face to face meetings with potential customers as opposed to online strategies. Their website was not ideal for increasing specification and sales since it was not their primary form of product distribution.

Finding Revit files and other technical product content took far too long for their customers, which was detrimental in driving traffic to Dinoflex’s site. As a result, lead generation and sales were diminished.


The team at Concora set out to help Dinoflex by executing the following objectives:

Have a great web experience

That allows architects, engineers and contractors to easily access Dinoflex’s products which will in turn, increase specification and sales.

Increase lead generation

Dinoflex must gain visibility on which architects, engineers and contractors are visiting their website. Sending this data to the Sales Team exposes Dinoflex to new leads they could not find on their own.

Easy way to manage and publish product content

Understand Dinoflex’s technical product content needs, and make it easier to manage and distribute important content needed by the design community such as BIM, CAD, specs, etc.

Concora Solution

Concora deployed Dinoflex’s Design Studio within 30 days complete with internally built high quality technical product content including 12 from scratch Revit files and 178 Revit materials.

Concora’s Team organized dozens of data sheets and images for each product in a clear to understand and easily accessible way for their customers to find exactly what they’re looking for on Dinoflex’s website.

The Concora team trained members of Dinoflex’s during this time to be fully self-sufficient utilizing Concora Spec.

The Impact

The Concora team has greatly increased Dinoflex’s business and reach via the implementation of their new Design Studio.

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