Concora Shares Amazing Success Story of Buechel Stone.


Buechel Stone

Buechel Stone​

Natural stone product manufacturers

Buechel Stone

Buechel Stone gets a leg up on their competition by providing a better online experience for architects, engineers, contractors and designers visiting their website.


“Some of the biggest challenges we face is competition. And to differentiate ourselves, we need to use technology, especially through the pandemic. Concora has helped us represent a breadth of products in the right way and by being an extension of our brand” -Tracy Lisowe, Director Marketing, Buechel Stone

Buechel Stone has historically relied on social activities such as face to face meetings and lunch and learns to conduct business. With the challenges posed by COVID, those options have all but dried up.

They realized the digital approach, especially the website, is of paramount importance because the existing design community’s desire of needing important technical product content to specify their products.

Concora has helped Buechel Stone reach more AECs with DXP by getting their products out to a wider market and thus enabling AECs to find exactly what they’re looking for in an efficient, safe and optimal manner.


The team at Concora set out to help Buechel Stone by executing the following objectives:

Have a great web experience

We must enable architects, engineers and contractors to easily access Buechel Stone’s products at any time, no matter what phase of the project and give them exactly what they need to move forward.

Increase lead generation

Buechel Stone customizes their stone work for each project, so gaining visibility on which architects, engineers and contractors are visiting their website is paramount.

Being able to capture contact information for AEC’s allows Buechel Stone to contact them faster and therefore accelerate customizations of their stone products for each customer.

Become a extension of Buechel Stone’s Brand

Buechel Stone views Concora as a partner that maximizes Buechel Stone’s brand with DXP and separates them from the competition.

To do that, Concora must present Buechel Stone’s products in an accessible fashion and as a supportive partner that represents the best of what Buechel Stone has to offer to the AEC community. Doing so will create business between the two parties.

Concora Solution

Concora deployed Buechel Stone’s web experience in 60 days complete with custom built high quality digital models and images for all 163 products.

Concora also ensured that all product data was accurately applied to Buechel Stone’s products for distribution to the AEC community.

Concora trained Buechel Stone to be fully self-sufficient in using DXP to manage their own technical product content.

The Impact

The Concora team has greatly increased Buechel Stone’s business and reach within the AEC community via the implementation of Concora’s DXP.

They have given Buechel Stone the ability to do business in a way that separates them from their competition and will enable them to thrive in the ever evolving digital marketplace.

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