Kip Rapp, CEO

“Understanding how products are selected is key for manufactures to build commercial business.”

Colin Daymude, VP Marketing

“We’ve learned that growing commercial business means eliminating friction in the product selection process and we’ve cracked the code.”


Driving Product Selection:

What AECOs Want from Manufacturers

This webinar combines the findings of 100+ AECO interviews we conducted to learn why design professionals specify certain manufacturers over others for commercial construction projects. Discover what your commercial prospects really think, and how your website directly correlates with product selection and brand loyalty.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How design professionals choose which manufacturers to specify
  • The pain points in a specifier’s journey
  • What you can do to build relationships with decision makers and improve your commercial business

This webinar aired on 11/06/2019. Submit the form below to access a recording and PDF of the slide presentation.

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