The Five Sustainability Features Every Manufacturer Should Highlight on Their Website

July 30, 2020

Professionals throughout the building design process require sustainability information on the products they use and, not surprisingly, they look to the manufacturers of those products (BPMs) to supply it. With so many different rating systems how can a manufacturer know what to provide that will help the most? The answer is: It depends. In 2020,…

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What Every Manufacturer Should Know About LEED v4.1

October 10, 2018

You finally caught up to LEED v4.0 – whew!  You might have updated product sustainability info on your website, maybe even have some EPDs or Declare labels available for download, and now the requirements are evolving again. Recently LEED v4.1 has emerged.  Although it is currently focused on defining new standards for existing buildings, it…

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