Make it easier for AECs to find the right products for their projects.

Highlight your products in robust-categories so that your AEC visitors can find your products faster and more efficiently.

Find Products Easier

Make it easy for AEC visitors to specify the perfect products for their projects.

Unlimited Customizations

Add unlimited pages dedicated to the highlighted groups of products with beautiful images of your product lines.

Create More leads

As you make it easier for AECs to specify your products, we provide you with rich contact and project information to help close business.

Get Specified Faster

Bring AEC visitors closer to your product lines by offering highly refined, featured product categories for faster AEC specifications.

Offer Better User Experience

Let your web visitors quickly find products through easy to use filters, product comparisons and rich photos on any of your product category pages.

What is the Product Category Experience?

Product category experience is a guided user experience on Concora's Web Experience Platform.

Its purpose is to guide the AECs to find the products that they are looking for in a faster and more efficient manner.

It lets you highlight different product lines into refined categories to catch the eye of AEC visitors.

It takes your website visitors to targeted page of products, high-quality filters, and a custom search bar based on their product requirements.

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Why are Product Categories Important?

AEC visitors want to quickly land on the exact products from your product lines to match their project requirements - minus the time-consuming searching and filtering.

The Product Category Experience will let you highlight your products based on Sustainability/ BIM features to match AEC requirements.

You can customize product categories with any group of data as per your business objectives.

AECs will directly land on the products that closely match their requirements with one click.

How Can Product Categories Impact Your Business?

Time-consuming product searches exhaust AECs and often result in them doing business elsewhere.

The Product Category Experience will help website visitors who don't really know where to find the best-suited products for their projects.

Exposing your product categories in a much more visible and refined manner will lead AECs to match their requirements faster.

Saving the "Search Time" for the AEC visitors, your product categories have higher chances of getting specified.


How can Concora help?

Concora Web Experience Platform's Product Category Experience will bring your products closer to your AEC users.

We will work closely with you to create product categories based on your user base and product applications.

You can display an immediately accessible product category section with interactive featured products for your web visitors.

Help the AEC user land on the exact product line or categories that 100% match their project requirements.

Explore a world of new possibilities with Concora's Project Showcase.

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