Move Projects from the Drawing Board to the Purchase Order

Why is Concora's Digital Experience Platform important for me to grow my commercial business?

In today's digital economy, how architects, engineers and contractors (AECs) specify and purchase your products is a lot different vs. 10 years ago. More than 90% of all AECs want to go to your website first to research, specify and use your products. If your website isn't able to meet their needs, they will just choose another manufacturer to do business with.


What does an AEC need from your website to specify and purchase your product?

AECs are like anyone else and want three important things from your website:

  • easy to use (not too many button clicks). I.e. time is money
  • great content. e.g. 3D, BIM, specs, etc. If it's not on your website, they will more likely move-on vs. spending an unknown amount of time calling you up
  • great tools. AECs want you to help them make their lives easier and save time. Tools such as submittals, project showcases, and sustainability evaluations are all very important


How can Concora's Digital Experience Platform help?

Over the last 5 years, we have built up a great Commercial Portal that is white-labeled directly on to your website and meets the exacting needs of your AEC's buyer journey. I.e. we make it easier for your AECs to do business online with you. In less than 30-days, you'll have a great corporate website that is tailored to your commercial business. We also give you invaluable web visitor information of your potential buyers so you can have meaningful conversions to grow commercial sales and win more business!


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Can your platform help me generate leads for commercial customers?

Yes. You can elect to turn on registration on your Design Studio for AEC users, and doing this will ask them to register or log in to your Design Studio. By asking your visitors to create an account, Concora will be able to track their actions and send you reports on their activity. This will generate a list of leads and user actions that will be displayed on your Insights page.

How does the Design Studio help build brand loyalty?

The Design Studio, while engineered by Concora, is made to look synonymous with your brand to look like it’s something offered by you, for your customers.

The look is just the beginning of the journey; where the real magic happens is through the experience. Brand loyalty comes through familiarity but also trust and ease of use. All of those elements are mainstays of the platform and part of our mission at Concora. The Design Studio was modeled after the experience that AEC’s prefer. 

The design process has become exponentially complicated as technology creates new demands for efficiency and effectiveness. Design Studio is engineered to meet those demands.

What is the onboarding process?

If you have digital assets (Revit, CAD, images, documents), we will create your Design Manager for you, and you can upload all of your attachments to your Design Manager. We will also provide training and hands-on assistance when you’re learning the ropes of the Design Manager.

Do you create content or digital assets?

If you don’t have digital assets created yet, we will work hand in hand with you to go over your specifications. Then we’ll get you set up to utilize our Design Services to create Revit or CAD files based on your specifications.

What does publishing a product mean?

Publishing a product is a process that is conducted on the Design Manager that allows imported products that the BPM owns along with their attachments and product metadata to be submitted to the Design Studio for AEC users to evaluate said products by viewing their data and/or downloading them. Publishing to the Design Studio will make the product in question visible to AEC users.

I don't have any technical experience. How do I update Revit models?

Updating Revit Models within the Design Manager can be done after importing a Revit file to the Design Manager.

To edit Revit data within your product, click within any of the text boxes that contain Revit data and enter the adjustments you want to make. To save your changes to the Design Manager, click outside of the text box and your changes will automatically be saved to Manager, but not to the Revit file.

When making changes within the textboxes of the Revit data, your data does not automatically update to your Revit file. The only way to ensure that happens is to click the button labeled “Update file with data.”

When you’re ready to write the changes you made in the Design Manager to the Revit file, click the “Update file with data” button and the Revit file will reflect your changes.

Can the platform integrate with my existing systems (CRM, PIM, marketing automation)?

We are always willing to explore integrations with your particular systems and understand the importance of that. We are in the process of building custom integrations for a few of our clients. We don’t currently have any off-the-shelf options but it is part of our roadmap.