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How to Grow Commercial Sales in Today's Digital Economy

Are you a building product manufacturer and responsible for growing your commercial sales?
Join us to learn how digital transformation is impacting building product manufacturers and specifically how you can grow your commercial sales in today’s digital economy. We reached out to over 8,000 architects, contractors, and engineers --your customers-- and discovered key insights into how they use digital technology to choose products. Armed with exclusive customer insights from this webinar, you will be able to increase your sales.

Platform Demo

See first-hand how Concora makes it easier than ever for architects, engineers, and contractors to do business with you. Experts will guide you through product features like Concora's intuitive user interface, product selection tools, content management system, and analytics and user data suites.

AEC User Research Report

How Manufacturers Can Influence Building Product Selection and Purchase

In this webinar, we will present our latest findings on your commercial customers’ preferences, as well as how to use these insights to provide better customer experience for AECs and ultimately increase product specification.

Case Study

Manufacturer Drives Product Selection Via Concora’s Digital Experience Platform

Precision Plumbing Products’s Brandon Gunnell (VP Sales/Marketing) and Brandon Poersch (Customer Service Manager) join us to share how their team leverages Concora’s lead data to facilitate sales cycles, and why digital experience is crucial to their commercial growth.

ROI Revealed

Leading Plumbing Manufacturer Increases Product Downloads by 52%

Curious about the ROI a Commercial Engagement Platform like Concora delivers? In this webinar, we showcase the impact of our platform on revenue and digital engagement from a leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing products.

Driving Product Selection

What AECs Want from Manufacturers

This webinar combines the findings of 100+ AEC interviews we conducted to learn why design professionals specify certain manufacturers over others for commercial construction projects. Discover what your commercial prospects really think, and how your website directly correlates with product selection and brand loyalty.
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