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Concora is the Comprehensive Sales Growth Solution for Building Product Manufacturers

There are many ways to distribute technical product content to architects, engineers, and contractors (AEC). Yes, your customers are looking for BIM as part of that technical content, but AECs need much more than just BIM to do their jobs.

That’s what Concora’s Digital Experience Platform (DxP) delivers. Unlike third-party product listing sites and aggregators, the Concora DxP keeps your customers on your site, while offering specs, CAD, brochures, datasheets, documents, and BIM.  All of this delivered within a branded and intuitive user experience that integrates with your website.

Concora is the only solution that drives qualified AEC traffic to your site while making it easy for them to search, select, and specify your building products. The project management and submittal tools included with the DxP keep them coming back for more.

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Compare Concora to the Third-Party Aggregate Sites and Listing Services

 Third Party Aggregators
Increase Specifications and Qualified Leads
Easy to Search, Select, and Specify Your Building ProductsYesCompeting Products Displayed
Filter Search by Product Attributes (Colors, Thickness, Etc.)YesBrand and Category Filters Only
Compare Products Side by SideYesLimited, if Available at All
Downloadable BIMYesRegistration Required
Downloadable Documentation, and BrochuresYesLimited; Registration Required
Specs AvailableYesLimited; Registration Required
Project Management & Submittal ToolsYesNo
Drives Qualified and Actionable LeadsYesLimited
Convert Leads into OpportunitiesYesLimited
Branded Web Experience
Branded "Shopify-like" Extension of Your WebsiteYesLimited, if Available at All
Integrated with Your WebsiteYesNo
Influence the Buyer's Journey with Rich Technical ContentYesNo
Intuitive User ExperienceYesNo
Showcase Your Building Products ExclusivelyYesNo
Simplified Administration & Content Management
Easy to Manage and MaintainYesLimited
Easy to Add and Edit ContentYesLimited
Easy to Upload BIM and Digital AssetsYesLimited
Integrates with Salesforce CRMYesNo
Track Views and Downloads of BIM and AssetsYesExtra Fees if Available
Sustainability Search (EPDs, HPDs, etc.)YesNo
Visualizations and AnalyticsYesNo
GEO TrackingYesNo
Project Implementation and Services
Dynamic BIM UpdatesYesNo
Dedicated Customer Success ManagerYesNo
Product Loading and Setup IncludedYesExtra Fees May Apply
QA and UAT TestingYesN/A
BIM Content Creation Services AvailableYesLimited

We Talked to Your Customers. Here’s What They Had to Say:

If a manufacturer's website is not easy to use or doesn't have the correct content or tools, 50% of the time I'll choose another manufacturer's product to select.

JannetteInterior Designer

If you make me click 12 times to find something, I will quickly find another manufacturer to do business with.


If (a website) is not user friendly, if they don't have the information readily accessible and you have to start digging, you end up waiting like 20 minutes and you still find nothing. That kinda turns you off.


The top content a manufacturer should have on their website is BIM, CAD details, and specifications.

RayMEP Designer

If the choice is between two similar manufacturers and their products, I will always choose the one with better, easier to use technical content...


Concora is the Only Complete and Comprehensive Solution Developed Specifically for Commercial Building Product Manufacturers

Unlike third-party listing sites, where your building products are lumped together with your competitors, with Concora, the spotlight is on your building materials. Moreover, it’s easy for your design customers to search, select, and specify the exact product they need.

Users can search for your products using dozens of filtering options like color, thickness, composite materials, product lines, and sustainability attributes. Those listing sites don’t offer that, nor do they keep your customers focused on your products.

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Why Send Your Customers to a Third-Party Website to Get What They Want and Need From You?



Why send your customers to a product listing site to access your BIM? The Concora Digital Experience Platform provides your customers with a better user experience to quickly find the BIM, specs, diagrams, documentation, and sustainability certificates they need. They can get all of that and more from your website.


When you provide your AEC customers with the right specs, diagrams, brochures, data sheets, and BIM when they need it, you can influence the path of the buyer’s journey. Why have them hunt for the content they need from a third-party listing site? Provide them with the right content at the right moment, all from your website.


Once a building product is specified in the design, the likelihood of it being used in commercial construction projects grows. By providing the assets the AECs need to do their work, along with project management and submittal tools, you offer compelling reasons for them to come to your site, and to keep coming back for more.

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