Travel with Your Buyer on Their Journey

While the buyer is the driver, you can help them navigate their way to your products. Concora’s Digital Experience Platform helps you:

  • Build awareness of your brand
  • Provide engagement with your products, specs, and resources on your website
  • Deliver accurate specifications of your building products
  • Build loyalty by providing an outstanding digital experience that fit their needs

Influence the buyer experience and grow sales.

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The Building Product Buyers Journey

Be Present Across the Buyer’s Journey

Use Digital Content to Influence the Buyer’s Journey

Want to sell more building products? Influence the buyer.

Concora’s Digital Experience Platform provides building material companies with unique digital content your customers need, allowing you to be an unobtrusive, but critical, part of the buyer’s journey.

  • Presents the customer with a branded online marketplace, bolted on to your website.
  • Makes it simple for AECs to search, select, and specify your commercial building products.
  • Provides useful management tools, documentation, and BIM which helps the buyer to do their work.
  • Concora’s management tools require registration, a powerful incentive for customers to divulge contact information while also providing value.

Concora was designed to meet the specific needs of commercial building product marketers that are targeting architecture, engineering, and contracting professionals.

Concora was made for this stuff. Literally.

If You Don’t Provide What Your Customers Need, Someone Else Will.

Your customers have become accustomed to instant gratification. When they are looking for a specific product to use in a project, they will work with the vendors who make it easy to find what they need.

If you’re forcing customers to fill out forms to get information, or making them hunt through paper or pdf catalogs, you risk driving them to a competitor who gives them what they want.

Make it simple for your AEC customers to search, select, specify, and buy your commercial building materials. Provide them with downloadable BIM/Revit, and assure them that everything else is current with up-to-date specs and documentation.

Done well, integrating Concora with your existing digital marketing efforts will allow you to be present and to influence the buyer journey as they move through the sales funnel.



Use your website as a marketing machine to spread the word and to promote your business.



Wow your customers with an intuitive interface which makes it easy to search, select, and specify your building products. Provide unfettered access to downloadable BIM/Revit. Integrate with for sales enrichment.



Offer downloadable BIM/Revit, specs, and other essentials with just a few clicks. Provide project creation tools and a submittal generator. Watch as your products get specified and your sales increase.



Think long-term and make your website their most valuable tool. Thrill them today and keep them tomorrow. Provide your trade customers with a great digital experience and they will come back for more.

Give Your Customers What They Want, Gain Customer Loyalty, and Grow Repeatable Business


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