What is Concora?

February 23, 2021

Concora places the assets and tools AECs need to work quickly, efficiently, and productively at their fingertips, eliminating the endless hunt and peck approach to finding and specifying products.   Due to the global pandemic, many businesses realize that it’s no longer enough to list products on a website and have that serve as your…

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Don't make it hard to find your building products

Customers Can’t Buy What They Can’t Find: How Search Impacts Building Product Specifications and Sales

August 12, 2020

Do you remember the end of the movie, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”? After Indiana Jones recovered the Ark of the Covenant, it was brought to Washington, where it was put in a crate and stored with seemingly thousands of other crates in a massive warehouse. The implication was that the Ark would remain “lost”…

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Optimize for search

Refine Your Website’s Backend to Rank Higher on Google and Bing

June 8, 2020

In the first part of this series on how to Optimize Your Website for Google Search, I focused on the on-page items which Google factors into your ranking well on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This part is all about the stuff you need to do on the backend to help with your rankings. …

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Structure of an SEO optimized page

Enhance Your Digital Marketing for Building Materials with Best Practices for SEO

June 2, 2020

Can we talk about Search Engine Optimization? Marketers know that the web is a critical channel for B2B, be it selling more commercial building products and materials, but it’s not enough to just create and post content. You have to think about how the search engines are viewing your content, and how to best present…

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architect using submittals automation tool

How to Capture Valuable AEC User Data on Your Website

February 10, 2020

Building product manufacturers have an online user challenge. Simply put, you don’t know who’s visiting your website. I mentioned in my last article that we consistently hear from your customers – the architects, specifiers, engineers, contractors and owners that select your products – that they don’t like to register on your website to give contact…

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How Manufacturers Can Use Data to Increase Product Selection: Part 2

December 27, 2019

In part one of this blog series, I highlighted how basic behavior data such as visitors, return visitors, and page views can help you, the building product manufacturer, convert digital engagement to product specifications and sales. In this article, I’ll discuss more advanced data points that you should be capturing via your website and how…

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How Manufacturers Can Use Data to Increase Product Selection: Part 1

December 17, 2019

Getting specified—we know that a primary indicator for building product sales is being specified by architects, engineers and contractors (AECs), but there are other early indicators that can positively impact your bottom line if recognized and acted upon properly. In this article, I will offer some suggestions on how building product manufacturers can use their…

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How Concora’s Submittal Generator Can Increase Product Selection

November 20, 2019

The latest improvement to our platform, Concora’s Submittal Generator, can indicate purchase intent, capture valuable project data, and provide a superior user experience for AECs. In this article, we’ll discuss what building product manufacturers need to know about submittals and how having a purpose-built submittal tool on your website can improve relationships with commercial decision…

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Why Your BIMObject Downloads Are Falling

October 27, 2019

We’ve been speaking to many of our customers and prospects over the past several months and one of the questions that is repeatedly brought up is if we have any idea why their BIMObject downloads are going down. Here’s what we know, which may help explain some of the downturn. 1. There has Been a…

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